Update On The Status Of The WWE World Heavyweight Championship

WWE announced on this week's episode of Main Event that an announcement concerning the status of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be made on next week's episode of Monday Night Raw in London, England.

As I discussed in the latest WNW Premium Mailbag, the company is waiting until after Daniel Bryan, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, has neck surgery before determining the future of the title.

The belief is if Bryan isn't going to be out a considerable amount of time, he'll keep the title. If he's out an extended period of time, a plan will be put in place to crown a new champion. Obviously if that's the route WWE takes, the company could promote a unification bout when Bryan returns.

  • Brandon van Reenen

    ” the company could promote a unification bout when Bryan returns.”
    I don’t follow :/


      probably Bryan keeps one and the other is stripped from Bryan leading to a unification bout when he returns against whoever wins the other one

    • Chris

      Using the UFC model, someone wins and becomes the “interim” champion.

      • Davis

        I’d love to see WWE adopt this model. It kind of happened in the whole ‘Punk walks out with the title’ storyline, but that was billed more like ‘here is a new and undisputed champion BUT WAIT, CM Punk just made his totally unexpected return so now there are two champions’.

        • Chris

          I would say anything up to 6 months out you retain with an interim champion, 6 months or longer you give up the title.

  • Padres4life

    there’s no way they strip him and he doesn’t get it back eventually.


      dnt say that. WWE already says that his YES chant is what is over NOT DB plus didnt TNA do it to RVD afte Abyss beat him with Janice?