Update On The Whereabouts Of Brodus Clay

Brodus Clay worked Angelo Dawkins at Saturday night's WWE NXT live event in Jacksonville, Florida. Clay went under in the match. You can check out a photo below:

The program continued on Twitter:

Below are more photos:

  • Mysterion

    So whys he off TV?

    • probably to give him time to be repackaged and let the causal fans forget about him.

      • Mysterion

        Good point. But, argument could be made that the way WWE treats it’s fans this few weeks off TV he’s had might be enough for them! Haha

  • Moe Green

    He’s my hero

    • opie

      You have low standards. By the way, how’s your eye?

  • ClintMurphy

    wheres tensai

    • Mysterion

      Try watching NXT…

  • ldb

    from jobbing on tv to jobbing on nxt. Whodat main event playa. whodat. I still want him to come back as dominant heel.

  • Vic Jose