Update On WWE Network Subscribers, Off-Air Smackdown Notes

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WWE Network Subscribers Update

Chris "Mookie" Harrington has a blog entry online where he attempted to track WWE Network signups on Monday. He pointed out (via Ian Hamilton) the company was giving out sequential numbers in their confirmation emails sent out to people that had subscribed. That's all it took to generate an 8-hour sampling of data (8 AM-4 PM) to make some estimates. Chris estimated 250,000-350,000 signups on the first day with at least 130,000 by 4 PM.

The number WWE is looking for is 1,000,000 by year end. Until the company reaches that number, the WWE Network will be seen as an investment. They will begin to recognize a profit in excess of 1 million subscribers. These numbers will be made available to the public.

Click here to check out Harrington's sampling.

Off-Air Smackdown Notes

The Miz beat Fandango via submission with the Figure-Four in a pre-show dark match at Tuesday night's Smackdown taping in Milwaukee. There was no post-show dark match main event. We have complete taping results for this week's Main Event here and Smackdown here.

  • Splash

    WWE Network was having issues last night with Xbox 360 and then when I tried to watch old PPVs on my Laptop they wouldn’t play. Lot’s of bugs to fix still. Seems like they rushed this launch a bit.

  • I wonder how many cancellations they’ll get. I’m trying to stick with it but they aren’t making it easy. Casual fans are likely dangerously close to checking out.

  • Justin

    Even with the initial tech issues, I’d be she irised If a million people don’t subscribe by the end of the year.

  • Cubed56

    Does anyone know where to find the Monday night war show? Am I looking in the wrong places or is it yet to debut on the network?