Updated Betting Odds For WWE Extreme Rules – Title Change Predicted

Below are the favorites to win at tonight’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view based on international betting odds. Please note these aren’t based on what we know from creative sources but based on actual bets submitted on the matches. They are accurate as of Sunday, May 4, 2014 at 3:27 PM EDT. Also, I would never recommend betting on professional wrestling:

  1. Daniel Bryan (71.05%) over Kane (28.95%) to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  2. Evolution (52.26%) over The Shield (47.74%)
  3. Bray Wyatt (68.89%) over John Cena (31.11%)
  4. Bad News Barrett (62.79%) over Big E (37.21%) to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship
  5. Alexander Rusev (94.12%) over R-Truth & Xavier Woods (5.88%)
  6. Cesaro (50.00%) over Rob Van Dam (30.00%) & Jack Swagger (20.00%)
  7. Paige (72.73%) over Tamina Snuka (27.27%) to retain the WWE Divas Championship
  8. El Torito (58.82%) over Hornswoggle (41.18%)

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    So, what is the name of this betting site?

    • Gary Robert

      Most of the bug sites like 5Dimes will usually post this stuff. I used to bet on American Idol. There was a program/website years ago that would measure the busy signals of each contestants lines and could accurately predict based on how busy it was, who was getting more votes and it was 99% correct on who would be voted off the following night. For some reason, Vegas never caught on to this website and for 2-3 years, it was basically free money.

  • Chris Jacks

    Paddy Power let me do an 8 way accumulator on this pay per view. Money money yeah yeah :-)

  • Moose

    Who the hell would bet on pro wrestling?!?

    • MrBeetroot

      with how predictable WWE usually is… wannabe money-makers?

      • michael foulds

        you can make a lot of money on it…

        • Chris Jacks

          I’m 7-0 so far and as long as Bryan goes over Kane I’ll win over £150 from a £20 initial bet :-)

          • Gary Robert

            I’m not sure what that equates to in U.S. but I’m curious how you’re betting a favorite and getting back 150 anything on a 20 bet? Unless you bet a large parlay.

          • michael foulds

            Shield were outsiders, would have made the odds go up a lot

          • Gary Robert

            The Shield odds wouldn’t have made the payout go up all that much. All the heavy favorites won with the Shield as the lone exception and they were very small underdogs (+120 most likely) which isn’t a game changer in a parlay loaded with favorites.

          • michael foulds

            No they weren’t small underdogs they were about +300 in your terms in the UK. Plus El Torito was -166 and Bray Wyatt -150 in the UK, it was easy to make money from it.

          • Gary Robert

            Based on International Betting Odds, The Shield were 47.74 % to win…that definitely doesn’t equate to +300. That makes them a slight underdog and even my +120 guess was probably too high and should be more along the lines of +110.
            That all being said, I’m curious what Chris bet that he received that type of payout.

          • michael foulds

            That’s because this has been reported wrong, they had 47.74% of people bet on them through the odds checker website, not 47.74% odds. They were 13/8 on the night confirmed by wweleaks which equates to about +163 in American (it was +200 they were not +300 got that wrong didn’t convert it right).

            Using Paddy Power’s odds gained off this website a £20 bet returned £145 for the 8 winners, so I believe him. £20 on just The Shield, El Torito and Bray would have returned £90.

          • michael foulds

            Got 1 wrong, had Evolution to beat The Shield :(