Updated List Of 2013 WWE Hall Of Fame Class With Inductors

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Below is the updated list of 2013 WWE Fall of Famers and their inductors:

  • Bruno Sammartino inducted by Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mick Foley inducted by Terry Funk
  • Trish Stratus inducted by Stephanie McMahon
  • Booker T inducted by Stevie Ray
  • Bob Backlund inducted by Maria Menounos
  • Donald Trump likely to be inducted by Vince McMahon or his daughter Ivanka

The 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will take place on Saturday from Madison Square Garden in New York City.

  • Kleck

    Strong class! I will be looking forward to watching the entire induction ceremony on DVD.

  • disqus_EnnkAYynL0

    it will be good to see stevie ray on tv again

  • Flow

    Strong class considering mick foley was the only guarantee a couple months ago

  • opie

    I’m surprised by the size of the class. I figured there would be at least eight inductees. Still an all-time great class, though.

    • Last year also had 6, but one was the Four Horsemen. I liked it with more.

  • Ant

    As great of a class it is Donald Trump really kills it. He is one of the most useless people on the planet. Its kind of like having a chili cook off full of great chili then hormel chili from the can in the cook off too.