Updated List Of WWE Themes On iTunes

Wrestling News World reader Daniel Hill reporting:

Following my list in June, WWE has released several more themes on iTunes. With only Cody Rhodes’ current theme being the only current theme not on iTunes. Here’s a list of whats been released over the past few months:

Curt Hawkins – In The Middle Of It Now

Melina – Paparazzi

The Rock – If You Smell

John Cena – The Time Is Now

Money In The Bank – Official PPV Theme

Mark Henry – Some Bodies Gonna Get It

D-Generation X – Are You Ready?

Jake “The Snake” Roberts – Snake Bit

“Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase- It’s All About The Money

“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka – Superfly

Goldust – Golden

Johnny Curtis – I Told You So

Kharma – Bad Karma

Jinder Mahal – Main Yash Hun

Trish Stratus – Time To Rock & Roll

The Great Khali – Da.Ngar

Dolph Ziggler – I Am Perfection (Downstait)

JTG – Bringin’ Da Hood 2 U

Eve Torres – She Looks Good (Remix)

Daniel Bryan – Big Epic Thing

Alex Riley – Say It To My Face

David Otunga – All About The Power

The Usos – Alga

Air Boom – Born to S.O.S.

Heath Slater – One Man Band

R-Truth – U Suck

Air Boom – Boom

Sin Cara Azul – Ancient Spirit (Updated from original)

Zack Ryder – Radio (Updated from original)

Sin Cara Negro – Maldicion (Curse)