Updated Spoiler Lineup For WWE Royal Rumble

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Below is the updated spoiler lineup for WWE Royal Rumble 2012:

Singles Match
- John Cena vs. Kane

WWE Championship Match
Special guest referee: John Laurinaitis
- CM Punk (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

World Heavyweight Championship Match
- Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
- Winner gets a title shot at Wrestlemania XXVIII

Royal Rumble will take place Sunday, January 29, 2012 from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • steve2

    They should move bryan away from the big men and put him in a championship program with someone he can actually wrestle with. He’ll never beat henry or show clean and it just makes him look weak.

    • FactionZer0

      I love D Bry, but the way they are booking him right now is perfect. It's funny, it's clever, and it's entertaining. Seeing D Bry just intentionally get DQ'd by instigating Mark Henry was extremely great. Yeah, they aren't showing his awesome wrestling skills, but as a fan I know that he is the man at wrestling, so this isn't bothering me at all.

      • Dunstan

        I think this is also a perfect chance to put him over somewhat cleanly in a match, in this Triple Threat match the two big men can take each other out and Bryan can take advantage of that.

    • jdl

      Strength isn't always necessary when pushing a heel. Just look at Edge, when he was a heel champ, he got himself intentionally DQ'd a lot. A heel that keeps the title through cheating and subterfuge as a heel plays the clever, quick thinking character who's more than willing to weasel his way out of things. Cowardly, sure, but that's a legitimate means of getting a heel over.

    • Van

      that's what happens in alot of triple threat matches or fatal 4way matches.somebody does alot of damage to one of the opponents only for another opponent to take them out and get the win

  • Dave Barton

    No stips on Cena/Kane? I’m surprised.

    • Van

      at least not yet.we still got a week before the Royal Rumble.things can change

      • @ease9310

        And Cody Rhodes VS Booker T for the INtercontinential Championship,and Booker T wins!!

  • The Dave

    and cody rhodes vs goldust?

    • dani

      i think cody vs golgust will be at wrestlemania

  • Dada01

    The match for the World Title is inside a Steel Cage.

  • @ease9310

    They're should really be a match either at WrestleMania,or the Royal Rumble,that Booker T VS Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinential Championship,and Booker T wins the tittle.

  • Sebastian

    Like that card so far, looks good. Steel Cage Match though? Really, what's the point of any cage match in the PG-Era, mehh.