Updated Talent List For TNA Impact Wrestling's Project In India; Backed By Major Production Company

TNA Impact Wrestling is set to begin taping for their new India project later this week. In addition to management names mentioned here, the following workers are connected with the project:

* Chris Masters
* Chavo Guerrero
* Cheerleader Melissa (formerly Raisha Saeed )
* Cliff Compton (formerly Domino)
* Nick Dinsmore (formerly Eugene)
* Sonjay Dutt
* Shawn Daivari
* Arya Daivari (Shawn's younger brother)

The project is being backed by the Netherlands-based production company Endemol (who is known for producing Fear Factor, Deal or No Deal and other hit shows) and is set to air on the Colors network in India.

  • Sean Weatherly

    Any North American airings?

  • Ilyas

    WOW! Chavo Guerrero is on the talented list for TNA,they're must be some kind of mistake.

  • BigMike18

    Cheerleader Melissa was also known as Alissa Flash as well

  • Chavo Guerrero need to come back to Wwe

    • JordanM

      they never done anything with Chavo in WWE after Eddies death, he’s a talented wrestler, I think TNA could make good use 🙂

  • I agree Chavo is talented. Wwe doesn’t appreciate true talent.