Updated Wrestlemania XXVIII Lineup - 8 Matches Set

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Following tonight's WWE Raw Supershow, below is the updated Wrestlemania XXVIII lineup:

Singles Match
- The Rock vs. John Cena

Hell in a Cell Match
Shawn Michaels as special guest referee.
- The Undertaker vs. Triple H

WWE Championship Match
- CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship Match
- Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Sheamus

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
- Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Big Show

12-man Tag Team Match For Control of the Brands
Team Johnny: David Otunga (captain), The Miz, Mark Henry, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

Team Teddy: Santino Marella (captain), R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali and Booker T

Singles Match
- Randy Orton vs. Kane

Divas Tag Team Match
- Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly vs. WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres

Wrestlemania XXVIII will take place Sunday from Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • The Line in the Sand

    So no spot for Rey Mysterio, eh? Or maybe he will appear in a non-competing role.

    And I hope the 12-man Tag Team Match will have the rule of the traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match. It gives the suspense on who will win this thing. I also hope that it will not end so quickly like last year's The Corre vs Santino's team.

  • Andrew

    I’m predicting all 3 titles to change. Can’t call the Cena-Rock though

    • Matt Scott

      You might be the only one.

    • Salvatore

      I think that's a good call

  • DanLNJ

    Heard Maria Menounos cracked 2 ribs at rehearsal for DWTS…hope she’s able to compete.

    • kevin

      I hope not should be nattie vs Beth or better karma vs Beth for the divas title

      • The Bops

        Agreed. Enough of this celebrity-crap. There are a lot of deserving Divas that are getting passed over for an entertainment reporter, who frankly I don't even know who is.

  • Andrew

    No plans for Foley to be there? Surely he will cut a back stage promo? I’d like to see him commentate on the hhh-taker match

    • Matt Scott

      I'd have rather seen him officiate the Cena/Rock match that HBK in the Hell in a Cell to be honest.

  • Bubba J

    Weak card. Only 3 matches worth seeing.

    • patti64

      Weak card? Kane and Randy orton has a solid backing and both are fantastic and they should have a great match. Daniel and sheamus have had a great rivalry so far with Bryan time after time dodging sheamus and sheamus getting angrier and angrier by the week they are two deserving wrestlers that should have a great match. Punk and Jericho Are both fantastic and their rivalry has been built to perfection they should have a briliant match. Taker and trips inside of the cell with hbk as ref speaks for itself in terms of both quality and quantity. Rock and vena is the ultimate dreAm match and finally the twelve man tag match includes every young rising and deserving star in the company the storyline has been fun and surprising and the match should be just the same. Weak card? I think not! And if u hate the card so much then don’t watch the show….

    • snuggle

      You don’t know a strong card. The cena/rock match, along with the Hhh/taker cell match and the two heavyweight title matches and the show/Rhodes match will all be great. The match that steal the show will be either the world title match or the best in the world match and don’t forget about the Orton/Kane match. You Bubba j sound stupid talking about only 3 matches are strong.

      • Jay

        Can people please stop hyping the hhh vs taker match. If last year is anything to go by it will suck. They are old and beat up. It will be good only in the sense that it will probably be takers last match so there is a nostalgic feel to it. Last year they spent of their alloyed time on their backs. I’m not expecting this year to be any different, especially in the cell

        • Jay

          Excuse spelling mistakes. On my phone

        • HHHRedmonster

          From what I remember, most people absolutely loved last years match, including me. I haven't heard any bashing of it until quite recently, I guess a trend get's started and eventually everyone follows along.

          • Jay

            I thought it straight away. I think the rest of the card looks awesome. No one I know liked the hhh taker match. Go back and watch it. How long do they stay down between those spots

          • HHHRedmonster

            That's called "Selling the spots" ….it's important when you're telling a story during the match. These guy's aren't cruiser-weights who are constantly running the ropes and leaping into the air, I don't know why you would expect that out of them.

          • The arbiter

            I agree, I thought the match was slow and painfully drawn out.

            By the end of it it I was screaming "Just get on with it!" 1000 false finishes =/= a good match.

        • Matt Scott

          Those "old and beat up" men took some very dangerous spots! The table, the "Cole mine", the chair shot… Just to name three! Were you even watching?

    • Matt Scott

      You are the first and God I hope only person to call this card "weak"

  • diego

    WHHAAAAT?!?!?! no christian? No Alberto Del Rio? No REY MYSTERIO???
    REALLY?!?! REALLY?!?!

    • Abe

      2 out of three you're upset about are out with injury, stop making excuses to hate

  • RileyFan

    No Wade, No ADR, No Christian, no A-Ri … smh. Randy shouldn't even get his WM bonus since he isn't even selling his feud with Kane.

    • Dunstan

      Injured, recovering, not medically cleared and seriously? I don't understand people like you

      • Matt Scott

        Read his name mate. That just makes all the sense.

  • Code

    I Like How Both Team Teddy and Team Johnny Both Have A Season Vet On Their Team….Too Bad About Christian Tho 🙁

  • KevMen

    It’s such a shame not to see the tag titles defended at ‘Mania!

  • HHHRedmonster

    Stop complaining. All of you. You'll never get exactly what you want, so learn to take the good with the bad, and hope for the best.

    • Matt Scott

      While I agree you can't just tell people what to do like you're the boss fella. They won't get what the want, but nor will you.

      • HHHRedmonster

        Of course I'm not the boss 😉 But a guy's allowed to give advice with a hostile tone isn't he?

    • Salvatore


  • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

    stone cold should be the guest referee in rock vs cena but wwe missed the ball

    • Abe

      if that were to happen it would take away from the match

  • The Breaker

    I think that many of those complaining about the card now will be pleasantly surprised by what should prove to be an entertaining WrestleMania this year.

  • Russell

    Next years card hopefully mitb ladder match Evan Bourne VS Alex Riley VS Heath slater VS Justin Gabriel VS jack swagger VS dolph ziggler VS Christian VS Randy or ton/winner Heath slater. Wwe title match cm punk(c) VS Daniel Bryan ic title match john Morrison VS r truth (c). Us title match roddy piper VS the miz (c). Winner of Wwe title match Daniel Bryan.winner of ic title match John Morrison. Winner of us title match roddy piper after the match he announces his retirement and gets to keep the us title as it retires also. And finally 3 main events first Brock lesnar VS stone cold winner stone cold. Next undertaker VS somoa joe winner undertaker then undertaker retires 21-0 and all former victims of the streak celebrate with undertaker. And finally rock VS cena in a three stages of hell first match hell in a cell next last man standing then retirement winner cena of fall 1 and 3

    • Charles

      What drugs have you been taking to come up with that?!

      • Russell

        That is just a dream card don't take such harsh treatment to it obviously you are the one taking drugs being that angered of some stupid prediction I respect your opinion it is stupid but #%~% cuz.Don't throw me under the bridge I only watch wrestling periodically don't bite my head off.

  • Noel

    8 matches? One of them will have to be a squash match. My money is on Rhodes v Big Show.

    • HHHRedmonster

      8 matches is actually less than they usually have, usually it's around 10.

  • Salvatore

    The only thing missing is Brodus Clay