Updates On Christian & Jericho, John Morrison/WWE, Fandango Scrapped?, Tensai Jobbing

Is there any sign of Christian or Chris Jericho making their return to the WWE?

Christian has been out due to injury and is expected back next year. Chris Jericho inquired about making a sporadic return but they couldn't agree on dates. There was talk about him appearing at Survivor Series but nothing ever materialized from it. Jericho has a good relationship with WWE but it all comes down to nailing down a desirable number of dates that will appease both sides.

Have you heard anything new on John Morrison returning to the WWE in 2013?

As we reported here on Richard's Backstage Blog last month, John Morrison inquired about returning to WWE and suggested himself as a possible surprise entrant in the 30-man Royal Rumble match next year. The problem is Morrison only wants a short-term deal that will leave his options open. As we reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium, Vince McMahon wants more of a long-term commitment.

Has the plug been pulled on Fandango? Will he debut soon? Will he perform as Johnny Curtis again instead? Will he be released? Where is Fandango?

This isn't the first time WWE has run vignettes for a debut and pulled them without any explanation. I'll be honest; I haven't inquired about Fandango because I've been so busy following other stories. I'll see what I can find out but right now it looks like plans have been pushed back if not scrapped altogether.

Why is Tensai getting buried almost every week, I always liked the guy, and think he's a great worker, but is somewhat feels like they re-signed him to put over other talent.

WWE re-signed Matt Bloom to push him as Lord Tensai, an effective heel in the Raw main event scene. Remember his pinfall victory against John Cena? The problem is he couldn't get over, even after several tweaks were made to the gimmick. As things currently stand he's been used in an enhancement role and more comedy as they try and find a spot for him. Bloom wasn't seen as a guy they had to develop but someone they were hoping could come in and fill a main event role. To put it bluntly, it just didn't work out as hoped.

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  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Tensai should get a push for WWE or World Heavyweight Title not Ryback because Ryback wasn't ready for bigger stage at all. Who's with me now?

    • Michael

      Me and by the sound of it the WWE Universe are not with you.

    • XKonn247

      Are you serious? Just listen to crowd reactions. That alone says it all.

      • KingKongBrody

        They pipe in noise at times.

      • ou812


    • Yoski Broski

      ‘Thats an awesome idea!!’ said no one.

    • J-Dub

      Um No One!

    • Skyrim

      I'm with you

    • JoDa

      Do you purposely try to get the most negative votes?? Every comment you leave is just ridiculous and makes absolutely no sense.

      • Brandon

        Because he's a heel. Get it?

  • Hitman310

    Didn't Morrison say just recently say he is getting ready for a full time return? So im guessing its a 1-2 year run if its true..

  • Razvan

    Surely not me. I am not saying that Ryback is but neither is Tensai. You have Barrett, you have Ziggler, you have Show as champion (and i listed here only the heels), Lesnar will return before Mania, why to push Tensai?

    • Matt

      Barrett a main event caliber heel? ROFMAO thats the funniest thing i have read in a month.

      • Jimmy

        Well then u must not have a very good sense if humour

  • Joel

    Probably should have brought him back Albert of A-train as a babyface since most fans still remember him as that, he could've soaked in all the love and be a face for a while, then have him turn heel in my opinion…

  • The Big Organ

    Here’s my take on Tensai or Albert or A-Train, whatever you wanna call him. It’s obvious that the Tensai gimmick did not get over. It’s obvious ever since he’s been doing these jobs that people will not take him seriously. It’s obvious that the fans will always remember him as Albert the guy with the piercings and the tattoos and the hairy back. What they should have done with him from the start was put some type of mask on him, not covering his entire face but something Japanese just to take some of that Albert memory away. Also his ring attire, was that ever wrong! He should have wore something similar to what Wrath wore during his days with Mortis, was that ever wicked! Third, his theme, although very Japanese, it should had more of a kick to it. Bottom line, he was doomed from the start! I’m not saying I saw it coming but come on if on his very first match on Raw the Albert chants were heard as then heard again every time he was in the ring, it should have been a sign! It’s ridicules how wwe does some of their business sometimes! It boggles my mind! If they care anything at all to save his career they will drop the Tensai gimmick and let him be A-Train once again! Keep him out for a few weeks, grow all that hair back, lose a couple of 20 pounds and get back with a vengeance!

    • KingKongBrody


    • Daniel

      You hit it on the mark and was a major discussion between friends and I. The whole painting on the skin wasn't required, the music wasn't intimidating, and he should've came back with a mask. Instead, the moment Tensai/Albert/Albert "The Tensai" Train appeared, any effective push they could've had with him was completely gone.

      Glad to see Matt Bloom wrestling stateside, but look at some of his matches in Japan on Youtube. Then reflect on what he has done since his return to WWE.

  • _JIM_

    Why would WWE bring Morrison back just to work a small amount of dates like he wants? It’s not like he’s some big-time main eventer who happens to be a free agent. He’s a mid-carder at best. It sounds to me like he is just trying to use the WWE to keep his name out there and to keep the fans interested in his character. Which he would accomplish nicely if WWE was to give him the deal he wants with the limitted dates. WWE isn’t stupid and would rather him not work at all than for him to just come in for a short time. That short run would get the fans talking about him again and he would be able to negotiate better deals with other companies and he could charge more for Indy dates because of a short run.

  • jambo masai from kenya

    John morrison stay far far away from WWE! They will waste ur talents! Just Look at tyson kidd!

  • H.M.

    Man I'd be willing to bet that half of Christian's tenure since returning to WWE in 09 has been spent on the shelf recovering from injuries. Really sucks for the guy. Hope he returns as a heel too btw.

  • DJ

    My thoughts on why Matt couldn’t get over

    Sorry but the only person who can pull off multiple gimmicks in the entire WWE was Mick Foley (Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack), they had (the guy playing) Viscera, Matt Bloom, and others try new gimmicks with very little success.

    Just because he came back from New Japan Pro Wrestling does not make him Japanese. That’s like MVP doing his thing out there and saying he’s Japanese. Nope, sorry.

    Good gimmick, just needed someone more believeable than (fka) Albert.


  • Brian

    The crowd doesn’t like Tensi but news flash…They don’t

    Like Ryback either. Any “Feed me more” chant is over

    The speakers. WWE is building him as a superhero Maineventer yet the fans don’t give a crap about him. Chanting Goldberg is insulting. Goldberg could wrestle. Ryback is like Cena. CAN’T WRESTLE! #Boring2Watch

    • Jonno

      Almost as boring as reading your post really, out of interest why did you throw the Cena dig in? Cena can wrestle just not to your liking (or mine but i wouldn't say he CANT)

      • Loren_G

        Some people just can't help throwing digs at Cena. I think it's a medical condition.

  • Brian

    Any real wrestling fan knows he can’t wrestle.

    As for you. Speak when you’re spoken to. Mark

  • Kevin

    I hope they scrapped the Fandango character. That was the stupidest idea they've come up with since The Boogey Man.