Updates On Mickie James & Ken Anderson

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TNA Wrestling has removed the profiles of Mickie James and Ken Anderson from the roster section of their official website. Both recently had their contracts expire and were believed to be negotiating new deals.

TNANews.com's Alex Barie contributed to this report.

  • Secret Rivals

    I give TNA till Feb next year, i prefer TNA but its on its final legs now..

  • Nostaljack

    Let me guess: TNA offered them crap deals to resign and they didn’t go for it. TNA needs to get off the road ASAP and stick to what it knows. Going out on the road has failed. Oh, and when Hogan and Bischoff’s deals are up, release them. The numbers speak for themselves and they haven’t improved at all since those gentlemen showed up. TNA’s in a very tough spot now and they only have themselves to blame for it.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    So THAT’S why Ken got his butt kicked so badly. I wasn’t aware that his contract had expired.

  • sonya

    if everyone is wondering why mickie james ken anderson, and others are not showing there face on tna impact it is do to dixie carter being a horse back side to people.