Updates On Sabin & Shelley, Sin Cara A Failure?, Evan Bourne's Rough Year, Jericho Returning To WWE

What is going on with the Motor City Machine Guns?

Alex Shelley left TNA Wrestling and is working dates over in Japan. WWE is believed to have interest but has been reluctant to hire him due to TNA's ongoing litigation against them. Chris Sabin tore his ACL and required surgery last summer. Sabin's real life girlfriend, Velvet Sky, just recently re-signed with TNA.

Why is Sin Cara still on the WWE payroll considering his disappointing in-ring work, various injuries and past issues with wellness?

WWE hasn't completely given up on Sin Cara despite many fans already labeling him a monumental failure. I actually think the fact Cara, a major star in Mexico, has not been able to ascend to the top of WWE goes to show just how valuable Rey Mysterio is to the company. Triple H is behind Sin Cara and they're still hoping for a possibly Mysterio vs. Cara match at Wrestlemania but so far he hasn't had the success many had hoped.

What happened to Evan Bourne?

Evan Bourne was finishing up a 60-day Wellness suspension after testing positive for synthetic marijuana when he was in a car accident in March where he suffered a mid foot fracture (also known as a LisFranc fracture dislocation). He's been working hard to come back as we've been tracking his progress that you can read about on the Evan Bourne news page.

Do you think Chris Jericho will come back to WWE in 2013?

Chris Jericho left WWE under the assumption he would be back, so yes; I do believe he'll be back at some point next year. Jericho is one of the few people that has had legitimate success outside of the ring and it's awesome he's able to pursue both his dreams. He has a good relationship with WWE and will be back when he can hammer out a deal desirable for both sides.

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    Speaking of Sin Cara it really reminds me of how successful Tensai is right now. Poor Cara and Tensai. They should've been on the top of WWE instead of taking a backseat to someone like overrated Ryback. *sigh*

    • Lets see how many thumbs down you’ll get this time.

    • BigMike7302

      hey now leave Ryan alone he is a good guy and I am glad he is finally getting his shot, Like i mentioned before Rey had ECW and WCW as well as Japan to prepare for the WWE style of ringwork SIn Cara has not had that kind of experience so his timetable to adapting is not the same Rey got to WWF/E with no issues because he was already familiar with the style from experience where Sin Cara was not so let Rey mentor him and help him adapt I lie Cara and hopefully he will work out

  • AnacondaVise

    I think putting Sin Cara with Rey Mysterio has just made Sin Cara look worse. I mean Rey Mysterio's in-ring work is just so smooth and effortless looking. You don't just replace a Rey Mysterio.

    • Richard Gray

      I think they look at pairing Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio together for Rey to mentor him and then feud them in a "passing of the torch." May not work out that way considering both are dealing with issues.

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    I like sin cara i think he just cant adjust to the american way of working look at bret harts book he says he couldnt adjust to the japanese way either. Whether hell ever adjust i doubt but hopefully a match with mysterio will help

  • HugeRockStar

    I think one of the main Sin Cara issues is that power ranger like mask, you can’t see his eyes or his face at all, which takes all the emotion out of his character. I get that he’s supposed to be ‘mysterious’ but how can anyone care about him that way. Him not being able to speak English at all doesn’t help either.

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    Jericho needs to be the one behind the shield, tgey can take out punk and ziggler, setting up his return.

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    Why do you care about sin cara being on wwe payroll is not coming out of your pocket is just likegetting unemployment paycheck in that note we should question everybody on wwe not just one

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    Some luchadore wrestlers just do not know how to adjust to the "WWEStyle" of wrestling Rey had already been in ECW then WCW THEN WWF/E so he knew the ropes Sin Cara came straight from Mexico so there is a major difference and hopefully Rey can help mentor Cara because I like his move set

  • BigMike7302

    Jericho did like only a few people were ever capable of doing and that is stay relevant to Wrestling even when not wrestling The Rock stayed rather relevant by staying on good terms with Vince and making occasional appearances even before he came back like what Roddy Piper did he used to leave for a year or 2 then come back recharged and still relevant and a crowd favorite; How many wrestlers from Piper's time was aactually able to do what he did ; take extended time off and not lose their place in the company? it is still hard to do but Piper Rock and Jericho have been able to pull it off which is great for them

    • Jimmy

      And the Undertaker, for the past 3 years he's only been showing up when he wants and doing 1 match a year, and he's still gets the best reaction and put on one of the best matches even it it is only once a year.

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    The question regarding sin cara heat with del rio, check your email @richard

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    I know this is a little off subject but talking about Rey, Sin Cara and the little masked man gimmicks but does anyone remember Ultimo Dragon? I liked him a lot in WCW and I believe I remember him having a short run in WWE. What ever happened with his situation and why couldn’t WWE capitialize on him, if anyone remembers? I loved his style. Happy Holidays to WNW!

  • Thank you for answering my question Richard thanks for the info

  • Blazeking

    In the case of Sin Cara:

    People *want* him to fail and that's just not fair. They've been doing it since his first day in the company. This is pretty pathetic coming from wrestling "fans". They were calling him "Botch Cara" from the start; looking for anything to hate on him about. When other superstars mess up, it never gets as much attention as Cara. I'm sick of the pettiness of fans now. Between the played out, overdone "What?" chants, the dumb "Goldberg" chants, and the "Super Cena, Cena Suck" when he hasn't had a title in over a year, I'm going to start watching shows on mute.

    • If Botch Cara didn’t botch EVERY single match when he debuted, maybe we wouldn’t call him Botch Cara. Ever thought about that?