Updates On The TNA Contracts Of Devon & Bully Ray; Back To WWE?

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The TNA contracts of both Devon and Bully Ray are up this week and Devon, the current TNA TV Champion, has announced he's leaving.

TNA is still trying to get Bully Ray to re-sign but no deal has been done as of this writing. While many will speculate they will try to return to WWE, one possible roadblock could be Bully Ray's strained relationship with Triple H.

Another thing worth noting is TNA's ongoing litigation against WWE and WWE's reluctance to hire anyone that worked for TNA while Brian Wittenstein worked there.

  • Sean512

    Devon…… Get the table…. Classic attitude era. Man wrestling sucks now. PG era has been dead for years!! Bring back the attitude already!

    • outkazt09

      you attitude era fans need to let it go. its getting repetitive.

      • Ken

        No, PG is getting repetitive since any shred of variation is prohibited.

        • diddy

          No pg=no kids or families at tv tapings or or house shows means wwe loses that valuable market and loses a ton of revenue that they get as family friendly entertainment.

          • J-Dub

            Not true kids watched when it wasn't PG. H$ll I was 7 or 8 when I started watching as probably the majority of us were.

        • themcdangler


  • PainOfDemise

    Well if Mick can get back into WWE I'm sure the Devon and Bully can. It would be nice to see team 3-D back again for even just a little while. The tag team division is showing signs of heating up a bit, if 3-D came back, that just might give them the push they need.

    • I cant stand it when people call them team 3d. Theyre the dudley boyz!

    • d93andr5


      • Brandon Ceielo

        The Kings of Wrestling…

    • unknown

      shoot not just Mick but if Bret Hart can come back, then anybody can really

  • Ger

    anyone know why Bully has a bad relationship with Triple H??

  • Adam

    Dudley Boyz! Not 3-D

  • Kevin

    They were Team 3D in TNA because Vince, having bought the rights to ECW, owned the name Dudley Boyz. They got the name Team 3D from the fact that their finisher as a team was called the Dudley Death Drop. They couldn't use that name for their finisher anymore. However, calling it 3D bypassed the copyright laws, as it was essentially a new name not owned by Vince and company.

    • Mario

      Thanks for the info !

  • Jamie

    I loved watching the Dudleyz, but would it be wise bringing them back as a tag team considering there are no decent tag teams in WWE?