The Usos Remember Umaga, "Team CM Punk" Poster In New WWE Magazine

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Usos Remember Umaga

The Usos dedicated their WWE Tag Team Championship win to their late uncle Umaga. The following is from Twitter:

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I found the following to be rather humorous:

  • Patrick O_Toole

    Weird request for Richard – do you know if there is one already created, or could you create, a family tree for the Usos and Umaga and that whole family. I thought they were all related to Rikishi and The Rock somehow.

    • LOTGA
      • matt

        You left out roman reigns who is a cousin of the uso’s

        • Michael

          He is on there. Next to Rosey

      • Michael

        Thats a whole lot of greatness in that family.

      • Xavier

        I wonder if Samoa Joe feels left out

  • Bob’s Diner

    That CM Punk poster is hilarious. Thanks for sharing

  • Chris Eccles

    The CM Punk poster was done by a UK illustrator called Stanley Chow, he did the John Cena one from last months issue and I asked him on his Facebook page about others (I wanted to buy them crease free) and he said the next one is Hulk Hogan with potential for more in the future.

    I find it funny they haven’t scrapped it last minute but it was done a couple of months ago and knowing print production like I do, it probably started around the time he walked.