Vader Refuses To Wrestle Event

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Vader reportedly refused to work a live event in Germany. The promotion was wXw and this story is currently being followed closely by yours truly.

Here is part of a statement released by the promotion:

This morning, when Terry Funk, Chris Masters and Steve Corino were about to get into their booked cab to the airport, Big Van Vader refused to leave his hotel room. Various attempts by our English partner promoter, Masters and the end Terry Funk himself to convince Vader otherwise proved fruitless. After Vader already refused to wrestle his agreed-upon match last night, today he decided that, despite already having received an advance payment, the fact that there is a sold out meet & greet session for him and the fact that we promoted the event around him, he would not fulfill his contractual obligations.

Author's Note: writers Jesse & Kendra saw Vader at a live event in Maine a month ago. They both reported how standoffish he was and refused to talk to most fans. Both Kendra and Jesse were in front of him and tried exchanging pleasantries. The condition and mindset of Vader is unknown at this time. We will follow this and have updates here at

  • KrisXX

    Girl Meets World won’t be calling Vader for an appearance, so he should act like a man and fulfill his contracts!!

    • Michael

      Ha. Funny story is I was at the WWE event where he fought Jake the Snake on the show. It was a house show in Anaheim.

  • BIG M

    Older people think young people have an unfounded sence of entitlement.
    When the reality is it’s the other way around.
    Vader it looks like has become a cranky old man who throws a tantram when he doesn’t get his way sadly.
    Just give him some prune juice and turn the news on his TV and he’ll be fine.

  • Dave Barton

    Leon has been in this business long enough to know how to be a professional. Something deeper has to be going on, like his health.

    • Jesse Sherwood

      I agree Dave. Vader wrestled the event Kendra and I went to, and he was struggling after just cutting a promo to breathe. But regardless of his health situation, you don’t back out of a contracted appearance unless you just can’t physically make it. From the way this sounds, he just got his knickers in a twist and didn’t want to appear. I just hope that if it was something serious, he gets himself checked out.

      • Stacy and I are sitting here talking about it. You’d think that if he signed on to do these things, he’d do them and not make it look like such a chore. He so obviously didn’t want to be in Maine the day we saw him. If he’s signed on to do these things, he needs to do them and not be such a cranky mess about it all, and if his health is too bad for him to be doing these things, then he needs to stop doing them.

        • James Tee

          I was at a show on Friday night where Vader appeared. I didn’t notice anything off, and he performed a Vader bomb, but wasn’t actually booked for a match as far as I’m aware. He was in the ring with Terry Funk, Chris Masters, Rikishi and 2 excellent uk talents I’m Danny Hope and Dave Rayne. He was the 1st of the group to go to the back, so he may have felt something not quite right with himself.

  • Dave L

    Vader’s old school, he’s always been a heel, why is this surprising that he isn’t lovey dovey with the fans. He wasn’t a babyface.

  • D-Bag

    So you’re saying Terry Funk is still working? I’m surprised that man can still walk.

  • Paul

    Sounds like Daft Vader is a bit of a grumpasaurus Rex!

  • chris

    I met him on sunday, would not even shake my hand… never again total idiot

  • Jim Evans

    Vader was in Elmira New York, to wrestle for East Coast Pro Wrestling on 4-19-2014.