Vader Returns To WWE; Works Match On Raw Supershow

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Leon "Vader" White worked a match against Heath Slater on tonight's Raw Supershow. Vader went over Slater in the match.

White was brought in as a name from the past to celebrate the lead-in to the 1000th episode of Raw. Bringing in past names is going to be a reoccurring theme until the 1000th episode on July 23, 2012.

  • gibbons08

    Vader is the man! FTW!

  • Chris

    Vader time!

  • The Dude

    I’m a fan of this idea. Vader looked great!

  • Aldo T

    That was probably one of the greatest moments in my life! 😀

  • Hitman310

    It was great to see Big Van Vader. IT'S TIME IT'S TIME IT'S VADER TIME!!!

  • Anand

    More big names – Bret Hart, Goldberg, Saturn, DDP, the list is endless… C'mon WWE 🙂

    • christopher525

      Umm, aside from Bret, you pretty much named the "main even of Nitro" not Raw, not sure most of those will be involved.

      • fan

        idk why you got a thumbs down and the guy above got plenty of thumbs up. None of those names mentioned (aside from Bret) were RAW main eventers for a sustained period of time if at all. Made no sense to me either.

  • SRP

    He looked like he had trouble getting to a standing position whenever he left his feet, but otherwise he moved just as well as he did back in the day.

    • Mr.Love

      Agreed but he didn’t looked great besides that. Go vader! I was impressed

    • The Dude

      He had knee replacement surgery not too long ago.

    • christopher525

      Ok, good, I wasn't the only one who noticed that. He did look a bit awkward trying to stand up a few times.

    • Anand

      Yes, he was a bit slow to his feet but its probably more than a decade since he last had a competitive match. So, given that he was pretty good. also, for a man his size, if the opponent is down just becaue he collided with vader is believable 🙂 Vader Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dangerous Lee

    I wonder what Scott Steiner would say about Vader.

    • Frendo

      “Faaaatttt Assesss”

  • Benjy Bronk

    Vader was awesome, I thought he was going to back flip off the ropes.

  • Mike

    It was definitely great to see vader in the ring again. Can’t wait to see who they bring back next week!

  • eric

    Vader still got it

  • DoJo

    Just don’t bring back Doink……….

  • Heath Slater is going to busy over the next few weeks doing a Marty McFly and going back in time to get his ass handed to him on a plate.

  • James

    With what JBL saying that he will be back looks like we will be seeing him in the next few weeks then.

  • Philip Thompson

    I can see where this is going – bring in past names each week until the 1000th episode and the 1000th episode can be a big advert for WWE Legends House which will probably air very shortly thereafter.

  • ZackPack

    This idea is very exciting. Hard to follow VADER TIME though!

  • christopher525

    One thing I did find odd was that he was wearing the old Ahmed Johnson thigh pads under his ring gear. Speaking of which, maybe we'll get an Ahmed vs. Big Zeke matchup.

    • chelu671

      I take it you haven’t seen the recent pictures of Ahmed Johnson. Since semi retiring, the guy has gotten fat. You can barely even recognize him nowadays. I recommend you do a quick Google search.

  • Kevin

    Vader was good, but it's easy to follow Vader. Cowboy Bob Orton, Terry Funk, just to name a couple. Maybe even Mick Folley. Perhaps we'll even be treated to Stone Cold

  • Jake

    Would be nice to see Psycho Sid/Sid Viscious/Sid Justice make an appearance!

  • ron

    tommy dreamer, tijiri

  • ron

    would be cool is tommy dreamer,Marty Jannetty