Velvet Sky, Bully Ray & Devon All With Expiring TNA Contracts

There are three notable contracts coming up for expiration in TNA Wrestling. The deals of Velvet Sky, Bully Ray and Devon are nearing their end and all are in question of not re-signing.

Velvet has been negotiating a new deal but has not been able to agree to terms.

The contracts of Bully Ray and Devon are up in August but not much has happened in terms of negotiations for new deals either.

  • Hillbilly Jim

    Looks like the wwe tag divison is coming back in jan!

  • Team 3D to resign, revamp the tag division and walk away after one last hoorah?

  • PainOfDemise

    I can see Bully and Velvet resigning. Not sure about Devon though, it would explain why he hasn't been around on TV lately, since he was suppose to defend his TV title every show.

  • Blake

    3d come back up wwe

  • Chapinb0yy

    Team 3D. Hope they go back to wwe. “DEVON, get the table!” awesome memories. Crowd chanting we want tables! Truly great tag team!

  • Patrick Peralta

    don't care for Bully Rey or Devon so I will not miss them if they leave. as for Velvet Sky I hope she stays in TNA and does not sign with WWE. she won't be used there since they don't care about the Diva's Division.

  • KatDaddy07

    Would love to see “The Dudley Boys” back in WWE. Especially with Bubba/Bully Ray and the B A STAR campaign. If they have enough time before WM 29, they can run rough shot thru WWE tag division, maybe win tag titles, then interrupt midway thru WM to issue open challenge. If they are up to it, I’d like to see APA accept the challenge. They looked good to me on RAW…

    • Jbl looked really small. He needs to hit the gym….

      • kyreese

        that is random

  • A2H

    With wwe getting some decent tag teams (primetime, usos, colons) maybe this is the right time to get the dudleys back and revamp the tag division…

  • KatDaddy07

    But then again, knowing the WWE, if it makes sense and we like it, then they probably won’t do it.

  • Alex P

    Enough of Team 3D….give us the Dudley Boyz! I would love to see them go for one more run and attempt to revamp a crippled tag team division. Honestly I would love to see Velvet in the WWE too!

  • Louis

    the fact is this u really can't have one without the other soooooo let them see what the WWE offers use that money to bring in two new peps get it John Morrison (and his girlfriend) and with Jeff returning and the storylines a lot better and the flow of the storylines at right speed (not too fast) team 3-D will return on there on.