Velvet Sky Gone From TNA Wrestling (Updated)

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TNA Wrestling has removed the profile of Velvet Sky from the roster page of their official website.

Velvet's TNA contract has either ended or is nearing its end and attempts to work out a new deal were unsuccessful.

We reported the TNA deals of Bully Ray and Devon are also nearing their expiration. Click here for more.

4:30 PM EDT Update: As of this writing Velvet's Sky profile has been re-added to the roster page on the official TNA website.

  • Hoops

    she still dating Sabin??? she should waitt and come to WWE too…all three of them!

  • Y2DE

    That sucks Velvet will be sorely missed by me! Good luck to her in the future. Hope she goes to wwe so we get to see her still!!!

    • Van

      I heard she was supposed to start a feud with Mickie James.I guess plan b is Mickie staying face or starting a feud with Brooke Tessmacher

  • Patrick Peralta

    I wonder if WWE wants her? since they want the Diva's to be model types and don't care about wrestling skill. Yes there are some Diva's Beth, Natayla and Tamina who can wrestler but WWE doesn't care about the divison.

  • MonsterMike42

    What is it with a bunch of my favorites leaving TNA? Alex Shelley, Matt Morgan, and now Velvet Sky.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Shame on you TNA. When you are in need of a face for the Knockout Division, Velvet Sky is a perfect example than Miss Tessmacher although she's improving…

  • MonstaHeel450

    So they can devote more time on Brooke Hogan’s dopey look on her face whenever they show her on camera. Ya knew this was comin when Daddy’s Lil Girl took over the Knockedup Division (Thanx ODB)and look what’s happenin. Just who is Tess’s challenger now? Anyone?? Anyone??

  • jeb

    Ok, now there is definitely no reason to watch tna

    • Ryder

      So you only watch TNA for Velvet Sky and not wrestlers like Austin Aries and Bobby Roode?

  • Ty

    Maybe they will bring in karma since she’s not wit wwe and once was wit tna

  • Louis

    First she’s not gone yet however let me voice TNA Smarts I’ll be the one to suggest TNA should and should nots 1. They should sign velvet resign Angelina and cough up the money for a one year deal With the Bella twins the beautiful people vs. The Bella twins let team 3-d go and get Gail Kim a show.

  • scott seefong

    or the return of the dudleys and tbp to the wwe.

    • Ryder

      What would the dudleys do in WWE? The tag team division is dead

      • Like you said the tag division is dead, so….i dunno, the dudleys could……REBUILD IT!

  • chelu671

    If not mentioned already, Velvet Sky confirmed her TNA release via Twitter.