Velvet Sky Off TNA Impact Wrestling's Upcoming Tour Of The United Kingdom

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Velvet Sky posted the following on Twitter:

It's interesting I was recently asked about a rumor that WWE was interested in Sky. The only concrete evidence I had she was secure in her position with TNA was that she was booked on the United Kingdom tour. I'm not reporting she's leaving TNA for WWE, however, it's interesting she's been scrapped from the scheduled dates.

  • Andrew Ellis shldnt go to wwe they ruined women wrestling and tag team.I’m not a big tna guy But at least they keep those two traditions alive!

    • Van

      yeah.two divas enter the ring and two minutes later,"here is your winner……"

    • Dufus

      Hopefully with Velvet not going to the UK tour, maybe she will get more TV time. Velvet has my complete attention every time she is on.

  • Rob

    She, like most wrestlers, will go to WWE if the opportunity presents itself. They will make more money and generally have more exposure. WWE is entertainment.. it's not wrestling anymore. I'm only 24, but I wish I was old enough to enjoy old days of the AWA and NWA as it happened. At least I can watch it all on ESPN classics and buy the DVDs which I have.

    • Van

      my guess is if Velvet goes to WWE only to get held back like Gail Kim did,it won't be long before she comes back to TNA…..if they want her back

  • BigMike

    Velvet would make money but not be happoy in WWE Gail won the WOmens Title on her first ever match in WWE (( it was a battle Royal)) when she went to TNA the first time she was in a GREAT feud with Kong that led to some outstanding matches, then she went back for the money got "humbled" (9 as they call it when VKM gets his ego going)) and was buried now she is back in TNA and won the title as a top heel but she IMO is a better face… and Madison is just annoying and MORE TESSMACHER!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikey W

    This is interesting because here in the UK TNA are running a competition to write a blog on the live UK tour for the TNA website and also win a dinner with Velvet Sky, presumably during the tour as well. I wonder if this has changed now

  • Sebastian

    Velvet Sky would be awesome in WWE, but then again, seeing as WWE treats Divas division like a joke, I'm not so excited by this prospect, good luck to her though, she's a hella attractive sort, could fill the void Maryse left, that's for sure.