Velvet Sky Update; Sting At TNA Genesis

- TNA Impact Wrestling did an angle with Velvet Sky today on their YouTube channel. You can view it in the video embedded below:

Speaking of Sting, Dixie Carter wrote the following on Twitter:


  • Chris_Storm

    I predicted otherwise, but I’m getting a sinking feeling that Austin will drop his title and Hardy will win as well. Lets hope it’s just gas or something….

    • eurosario

      Take some meds and say something when your Stomachache subsides

    • kbunyon

      Do you need me to send you some Tums?

      • For what its worth it was Ortons OLD music that I thought was lame. But I do sedbauhnaly dig Alex Rileys Eurotrash theme.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    so what's wrong with the Knockouts Division? it's been fine since Karen was fired. Hasn't Velvet heared the news. lol.

  • Dufus

    Velvet Sky looks good without the caked on make up. I saw Angelina Love without make up once and she looked hideous. If Velvet Sky isn't going to go on the UK tour then maybe Velvet will be on TV more which is fine by me.

  • Van

    could this mean Velvet will keep Madison from screwing Mickie once again or will she get Sting to make it a triple threat match?we'll just have to wait & see

  • Jim

    What? Punctuation is your friend. Do not fear it…
    I’m really curious about how they handle the title match outcomes tonight. Not curious enough to waste the money to buy the PPV, but curious none the less.
    Why would Sting have not been there? Yet Dixie is surprised Sting came to work? Things must be gettin bad there when the owner is actually surprised when one of her employees shows up for work…

  • lbp365

    If Hardy wins tonite too soon and the best way to let sky go turn the fans against her don’t b surprise if she turns dirty tonite

  • MonstaHeel 450

    A Beautiful Renunion? Hmm…….

  • I’d like to find out more? I’d like to find out more details.