Viacom & DirecTV Reach Agreement; Channels Return

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Viacom and DirecTV have reached an agreement, ending the blackout of the 17 channels that DirecTV customers have been out without for what is going on two weeks. This news is noteworthy for wrestling fans as Spike TV was one of the channels blacked out, resulting in two weeks of Impact Wrestling being missed.

If you missed this week's Impact Wrestling, you can read full results at this link.

  • Patrick Peralta

    glad to hear it…even though I still watch TNA online so I wasn't hurt over them pulling out to begain with. I do have Direct TV.

    • Lenny

      Yeah but their ratings sure got hurt! I’ve been been a big critic over TNA but I’m turning around because ever since they went live, the show has been way better! With the product that they have been showing lately such as Aces and Eights attacks, Daniels/AJ Styles feud, A double as the champ and the BFG series, TNA has been proving way more entertaining matches as storylines than WWE at the moment! With what theyve been showing they deserve a 2.0 ratings at least!

  • The Breaker

    I wonder how many people listened to Tenay last night and got their friends to switch providers?

  • Sara

    Would of helped yesterday so we could of watched it lol since they came to a agreement yesterday and all of this was over a movie channel they wanted directv to add part of the agreement but directv said no so they kept it off one day until today