Viacom Walks Away From Negotiations With DirecTV; Official Impact Wrestling Preview For This Week

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- Variety is reporting that Viacom has walked away from negotiations with DirecTV on a carriage agreement to restore the 26 channels that have now been dark for one week. This news is especially noteworthy to wrestling fans as this will be the second week Impact Wrestling will not be available to DirecTV customers.

- Below is the official preview for tonight's live episode of Impact Wrestling:

- What will the fallout be after the "The Aces and Eights" shocking and brutal attack on General Manager Hulk Hogan and "The Icon" Sting? Who is this mysterious group and what do they want?

- It's the return of the monthly Open Fight Night! Who will get challenged on the broadcast? This month, the Bound For Glory Series competitors will call each other out based on their point standings in the BFG Series! Who will make the first challenge? Tune in and find out!

- Speaking of Open Fight Night, Bobby Roode plans to call out new World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries! Roode claims Aries' title win was just a fluke - will he prove it on Thursday night on SpikeTV?

- Plus, IMPACT will feature the monthly "Gut Check" challenge! Which newcomer will get a chance at joining the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING roster? Can they prove they have what it takes to make it in pro wrestling and earn a contract?

All this and much more on Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast LIVE at 8/7c on SpikeTV

If you are one of the many blacked out from Impact, make sure you join us here at at 8 PM EDT for exclusive live play-by-play coverage by Alex Barie.

  • Note to DirecTV customers: Episodes of TNA iMPACT are up for sale on iTunes. That is how I watched Impact last week. They are $1.99 and are posted on Saturday morning.

    • Mr.Love

      I am not paying for a second rate wrestling show, I just rather not watch tna. I have direct tv

      • Alex Barie

        You must have been thinking TNA is still like it was 2-3 years ago.

        • Chris

          2-3 years ago? You mean before Hogan when it was actually good? Don’t be a mark.

  • Kleck

    What the heck? I can’t watch new episodes of SpongeBob Squarepants! Geeze! Fuming over here!

  • K.Bourne

    IMO viacom is at fault! 30% increase…. BS!

  • Alex

    This is really sad news as TNA wrestling has actually started becoming watchable lately and entertaining. TNA just seems to have the worst luck.

  • Wes

    I was more upset about losing tosh.0 and workaholics

    • Mr. Love

      Tosh and BMS. Even though BMS is done

  • Sara

    I called directv and they made a deal to get back the channels that were removed BUT Viacom wants directv to add a movie channel they had never carried for a 1/2 billion dollars to get the channels back on

  • Sara

    I forgot to add its on directv to my comment above

  • Sara

    You may have heard that Viacom is trying to upset customers with some very loud rhetoric about negotiations breaking down.  Their statement, intended for dramatic effect, is completely false.  Please know that we are indeed continuing to negotiate with Viacom so they can return the channels to our customers as soon as possible.  Just last night, Viacom made a proposal for the return of the 17 channels they dropped  from DIRECTV. Earlier this morning, we accepted all material terms for those channels including an increase that was more than fair.  We are ready to sign that deal immediately.  What’s holding things up right now is that they are insisting that we launch the EPIX movie channel (an extra channel that DIRECTV has never carried) at the additional cost of more than a half billion dollars. Whatever way you slice it, the main issue remains the same.  Viacom’s total price tag to continue carrying channels is just too high and will adversely affect our customers.  And so, as we have done every day since this began, we will be back on the phones negotiating with the Viacom executives tomorrow so we can get closer to a final deal.  We are too close to turn back now. The fact is Viacom and DIRECTV need each other so we will get this done.