Vickie Guerrero Appears At Food Drive; Mick Foley Discusses Tribute To The Troops

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- Vickie Guerrero made an appearance at a food drive in El Paso, Texas. You can read an article and watch a video report at this link.

- The New York Post has an article online featuring quotes with Mick Foley. In it, he promotes tonight's airing of WWE Tribute to the Troops and talks about the show's significance. Click here to read it.

  • Ilyas

    Vickie is actually pretty nice in real life.In WWE she should become a babyface instead of a heel,because sh'es an awesome nice WWE Diva.

    • Van

      I'm sure she is.most of the heels are actually nice people in real life.I saw a picture once of Miz & Angry Miz Girl backstage.he posing pretending to put her in a headlock while she was smiling and Maryse & Melina were laughing in the background.the only problem is some people were made to be a face and some were made to be a heel on tv

    • I don't know Vickie Guerrero enough to call her personality; I'll take you at your word.

      But it would take a small miracle to turn someone getting the reactions she's getting to a face.

      • Blazeking

        She gets the loudest heat for two words. That because people love to hate her. And if she learned anything from Eddie, she can play both roles. She just likes being a heel. Eddie's last gimmick was a heel/face mixture of awesomeness. The only face who lies, cheats, and steals!

  • Lee

    She probaly ate all the food