Vickie Guerrero Remembers Eddie As 7 Year Anniversary Of His Death Approaches

Vickie Guerrero wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Fernando

    Lest we forget. RIP Eddie.

  • AJ

    You will always be remembered. RIP Eddie

  • snuggle

    Rest in peace Eddie one of the greatest. I know he’s looking down and is very proud of the work that Vickie does in Wwe.

  • Patrick Peralta

    you will be remembered Eddie RIP

  • Spike westphal

    How time flys it just yesterday he was entertaining millions of people

  • Mitch

    R.I.P Eddie, you are an inspiration to me and we all miss you so dearly. Forever in our hearts.


    Wow cant believe its been 7 years! Just how fast time goes by and how anyone can forget this great wrestler is beyond me. Eddie will always be remembered as one of the funniest, talented wrestlers to have ever graced our Televisions. Just think if he was alive today how much he would have grown, main eventing the title picture right now!

    R.I.P Eddie, One of my fave wrestlers =)

  • Heather Mendez

    R.I.P Eddie you were one of the best!

  • Jeffrey Turner

    Vickie. I hope somehow you find your peace over this issue. You are doing great in the business. A truly great job. The marks can’t stand you. Lol Those of us in the know however love your work. Keep your head high. Eddie has got to be proud of you and kudo’s to the WWE for keeping you on after his death.

  • Elias

    RIP Eddie Guerrero:( Viva La Raza!

  • SpirtRed

    RIP Eddie i remember you forever((