Video - Darren Young Discusses Coming Out With Matt Lauer On The Today Show

Darren Young was on The Today Show on Friday morning to discuss coming out with Matt Lauer. Young said he felt like when the TMZ camera came up to him, it was the right time. He said he had been suppressing his feelings for a while. Young said he was terrified about coming out and it took guts to do it.

Lauer talked about the support for Young being overwhelmingly positive. Young said he has been very surprised how supportive everyone has been. He spoke with Vince McMahon personally, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Young said he even spoke with NBA player Jason Collins (who came out earlier this year) Thursday night about how to handle the situation.

Young said he wants to be a role model for people. He talked about growing up with a speech impediment and how he was bullied as a result. Young said he is in love and living the dream.

You can watch the interview embedded in the video below:


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Young Tweeted the following about the interview:

  • Justin Lal

    This was so planned out by WWE.

    • Karen Keener

      Me too…..

      • Nostaljack

        Make it three.

    • Ricky

      Really guys? Come on.

    • K!NG

      Who cares if it was… Credit to this guy for standing up for people in his same position who are afraid to be who they are.

    • Xavier

      Make it four