Video Footage Of Alberto Del Rio Winning The World Heavyweight Championship

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For those that missed Alberto Del Rio winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Big Show on this week's Smackdown, you can watch footage of the "Last Man Standing" match in the video embedded below:

  • Ricky

    Is it me or is ricardo really helping get Del rio over as a face?

  • Jason

    is it me or is wwe trying to re-create Eddie Guerrero in Del Rio?

    • I was thinking more of a taller more believable Rey Mysterio without as much high flying stuff.

      • Jason

        Just by burying big show with that table.. is such a guerrero move.. Cheat to Win.. guerrero move.. i dont see Rey mysterio doing shit like that.. but thats just me

  • I always thought the WHC would look better around ADR’s waist than the WWE belt. Same for JBL. Not saying I think they’d both make good WHCs, just that they both have that old-school look about them that would look good with Flair’s old belt.

  • Nostaljack

    Great match!

  • Richie

    I fail to see the need for a title change! They had just re-established Big Show as a dominant heel! Del Rio has been nothing but boring and terrible.Ricardo is more talented!

  • Is Del Rio turning face? The fans seemed to be behind him in this match.