Video Footage Of Mick Foley & Dean Ambrose Facing Off At Hotel Over Wrestlemania Weekend

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A video has emerged of Mick Foley and WWE developmental star Dean Ambrose facing off at a hotel in Miami over Wrestlemania 28 weekend. You can watch the video embedded in the video below:

Ambrose worked a dark match prior to last night's WWE Raw Supershow taping from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, beating JTG.

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  • Anthony D

    What a work lol. I guarantee this was Foley's idea too. The guy is all about giving breaks to "unconventional" wrestlers. Possible match at Mania29? This would be a great way to bring Ambrose on TV. After all he wrestled a dark match on superstars yesterday. WWE has got me very excited the past 2 months, good things too come.

  • LeBron James

    Looks pretty realistic, Foley looks legit pissed off.

  • havoc525

    Considering he used his gimmick name, it’s obvious he’s trying to start up a storyline. Maybe he’ll work with Foley when he’s called up.

  • Doug

    One word: DRUNK.

  • DoJo

    Have I missed something???? What was Ambrose saying!!!! More info on this story please!!!!!!!

  • Angel

    I like it. Been waiting for him and Rollins to come up. They had a great iron man match in FCW

  • CaliburUK

    Interesting indeed, I hope that is kayfabe and Ambrose didn’t just shoot himself in the foot

  • Wwe4L76

    Who is dean?

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  • Wayne

    That look like a come to Jesus meeting at knuckle junction.

  • M-nice

    hes the future of the wwe . .. . jon moxley

  • Ace

    Did a little research and it seems like he's an up and comer….which is good for him and all but he needs to learn to show respect to a wrestling legend.

  • gibbons08

    He had a awesome match with CM Punk a number of months back! He’s a really good worker, I’ve been waiting for him to to get moved up for a while!

  • r fee

    Foley is good