Video From Jim Ross Appreciation Night - Appearances From Vince McMahon, Triple H, Jerry Lawler, Danny Hodge, Bill Watts, & More

The official WWE website has posted a number of videos of Jim Ross Appreciation Night, which occurred after Raw went off the air.

Triple H met JR in the ring and showed videos of Oklahoma Sooners head coach Bob Stoops and Jerry Lawler. He then introduced Vince McMahon, who came out to honor JR and told a story about how JR once passed a kidney stone during a pay-per-view. Danny Hodge and "Cowboy" Bill Watts made appearances as well. Sheamus then presented JR with the "Voice of WWE" Award, and JR spoke to end the evening. Links to video from the evening are below:

Click here to view the video appearances from Bob Stoops and Jerry Lawler.

Click here to view Vince McMahon's appearance.

Click here to view Danny Hodge speak about JR.

Click here to view JR addressing the crowd and being given the "Voice of WWE" Award.

Click here to view backstage video of Bill Watts and Danny Hodge speaking more about JR.

Click here to view backstage video of JR speaking about his appreciation night.

  • Stoney

    It's nice to see Vince finally appreciating JR

  • Anand

    It would've been nice to have a few of these good bits on live tv as well 🙁

  • Kleck

    That was really special for JR. I’m happy the WWE finally had an appreciation night for such a great man and legend.

    • snap

      Having JR on the air, regardless of the circumstances, really makes you realize how much you miss him each week he isn’t there.

  • ted

    why do iwc fanatics act like jim ross is some sort of god? he is a great rassling announcer but that is all he is. he is good at selling the circus storylines to the fans who think rassling is real.

    • darxed

      errhh, apparently you don't know that much about the wrestling business… J.R. is far from being a simple commentator… Back in the day he was Vince's right hand man, He brought a lot of big names to the WWE (Including Mick Foley), made a lot of the booking of the shows and handled talent relationship. J.R. is not only the best play by play commentator in the business history but one of the greatest executives as well.