Video Highlights From Last Night's WWE Raw Supershow; What Did You Think Of The Broadcast?

Embedded in the videos below are several highlights from last night's edition of Raw Supershow courtesy of the official WWE YouTube channel.

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R-Truth vs. The Miz - Loser enters Royal Rumble Match at No. 1

Brodus Clay vs. Heath Slater

CM Punk vs. John Laurinaitis

R-Truth provides The Miz with some market research

Royal Rumble Match Statistics: 2012 edition

Chris Jericho warns of the "end of the world" in the "Highlight

Sheamus vs. Jinder Mahal

Zack Ryder vs. Kane

Eve blames John Cena for Zack Ryder's fate

  • XKonn247

    Decent show. Still rather lacklustre as far as RAW goes and the live crowd was just abysmal. C-

  • A.E.

    Why do they keep switching Cm Punk from the start of the show, then to the middle, then the main event closing segments. WWE need to make up their minds and keep him in a steady place….like the main event. This is ridiculous.

  • Cm Punk Fan

    Dolph Ziggler messed up a completely great moment, when Cm Punk gave John "Funk Man" the GTS. When Ziggler did that he made me soooo mad, b/c he just killed that whole segment. Ziggler irritates me seriouly for that, he needs to get a life for real. He sucks anyway.

  • 90'swrestling

    Whoo WWE writers and creative just don't know how to present at least "DECENT" entertainment. The only reason why I watch WWE and the Raw show is b/c of Cm Punk alone. Other than that, I would've stopped while back. This is just ridiculous how they keep selling us garbage and really think that they are succeeding.

  • D Kramer

    Laurenitius has got to go!!! Kane needs to be fired.Vicki and Michael Cole is annoying as ever.They talked about Triple H having unsafe work conditions what about Laurenitius very unsafe.

  • Trippster

    It was alright. Punk putting Johnny Ace to sleep was cool. Obviously they are letting ziggler get his glory in before being dismantled at the rumble. Cena interrupting punk was crazy