Video Highlights From This Week's WWE Smackdown

Due to a technical issue, Adam Wacker was unable to cover this week's episode of WWE Smackdown. Below are video highlights of the show. The header above each video is linked if you can't watch through the embed codes:

Daniel Bryan wonders whether he is the "weak link" of Team Hell No:

Paul Heyman reflects his new client Curtis Axel's debut:

Sheamus answers Damien Sandow's "Gordian Knot Challenge":

Sin Cara vs. Curtis Axel:

The Miz vs. Wade Barrett - Intercontinental Championship Match:

Chris Jericho vs. Big Show:

Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose - United States Championship:

Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger:

Sheamus, Randy Orton, & Kofi Kingston clash with The Shield: