Video Highlights From Total Divas, This Week's Episode Of After Total Divas

Below are video highlights from this week's episode of Total Divas that are preceded by the latest episode of After Total Divas:

After Total Divas - April 13, 2014:

Naomi argues with Sandra about her music video costume:

Natalya warns Summer Rae to stay away from her face:

Superstars and Divas check out Noami's video for "Dance All Night":

Nikki Bella gets her real estate license:

Nikki Bella calls Brie Bella about John Cena's strange behavior:

John Cena reveals his secret whereabouts to Nikki Bella:

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I’m glad to see the women preparing for a future outside the ring. Nikki as a real estate agent Vicky in the medical field. Could you imagine the meetings starting off with Excuse Me? Lol. However that apartment did not look like a John Cena style apartment after seeing his home on TV.

  • BigMike

    My issue is that this was billed as being “reality” tv, but I guess the WWE should have said “WWE reality” TV, which means the stroylines are just as fabricated on this show as they are on Raw or SD