Video - Hulk Hogan's Promo At Today's Philadelphia Flyers Game

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Embedded in the video below is Hulk Hogan's promo at today's Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia Flyers NHL Playoff game:

  • JakShowtime

    That happened right after the big 10 minute brawl (well more just 10 minutes of chaos)… they played his WWE theme right after it, too.

    Not even the Hulkster can help take away any of pure and complete hatred I have for the Flyers. This series has been agonizing.

    • Mike

      Yeah I heard hogan on the game after the fight. I’m with you man, I absolutely hate the Flyers. I find this funny tho, cus hulk did something like this with the Pens and with Malkin they had the whole “Malkinmania is runnin wild” or whatever it was.

  • XKonn247

    Isn’t it time Hulk learned a more devestating move than the shirt rip? He could call it “retirement”

  • Crosby's A Bitch

    Why do you have hatred for the Flyers? I'm assuming you're a Penguins fan?

  • Aldin94

    Was he wearing a TNA shirt ? Of course he wasent!