Video Of A Fan Getting A Live Mic During This Week's WWE Raw

When Ryback tossed the live mic in the crowd on this week's WWE Raw, they were still on the air but the mic wasn't audible on the television broadcast. Check out the video embedded below:

Fan Grabs Live Microphone On RAW by dm_50586d5e2ada4

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Ben T for sending this in.

  • G Ilyas

    I don't understand why fans (including myself) keep asking the WWE to push new workers, yet some other fans keep destroying their momentum and end up being the ones who influence the company to de-push these wrestlers!! I hope these Goldberg chants fade out or we may have yet another Tensai if the storyline with the Miz doesn't live up to WWE's expectations

    • Locus

      Now now buddy this how it goes. First off all you dont build gimmeks which has already been doen! Simple as that. Build a new gimmek which has a new style and new look to it! Every raw they have each week from
      Different places they all chant goldberg. So out of all those people you think they are all wrong??

      • Guy Landau

        "Now now buddy this is how it goes" is a bit arrogant, don't you think? So many gimmicks have been recycled throughout history without anyone saying anything – and RyBack hasn't even mimicked Goldberg one bit. He isn't the first person to maul through enhancement workers since Goldberg, and he sure isn't the last. All I can think of that caused the chants is their similar physic – which again, is nothing new. Many people have such a massive physic.

        As for the different people chanting it – it's called the snowball effect, or it could be argued that it's just a meme (a cultural idea evolving). People saw it when he debuted happen in a crowd – started by one man. Some thought it was funny so they went with it. That's how a chant starts in a single show. Then, the viewers who went to the next show did it again because they saw it the previous week. People mimicking popular behavior without thinking – and because "everyone does it so it must be true" has not showed kind results throughout history, and more often then not the concepts thought about as being timeless truths because so many believed them turned out to be wrong. So yes – all those people who "think" it's the same gimmick are wrong, partly because Goldberg had no gimmick for the most part, he just squashed a lot of jobbers. His undefeated streak has yet to be mentioned in regards to RyBack, so really there isn't much to go on as far as comparing the two – except that it's "cool" to do so.

        I'm sorry about the tirade, but seeing people think that something is good or ok just because a lot of people do it really annoys me.

      • G Ilyas

        Well Guy Landau has gone through every detail of my point already. Establishing new workers with enhancement talent has nothing to do with Goldberg, at least I've never heard anybody complain when the late Eddie Fatu was squashing wrestlers as Umaga. As for the similar look, remember how close Mason Ryan's look was/is compared to Batista's, yet the fans did not make the "Batista" chants a day in day out habit.

  • Bob

    Did you just hear the fan?

  • H.M.

    Well…it's about time! ;P

  • Topherrulez

    That’s almost as good as Orton cussing again. Heel turn has to be coming soon.

  • Remi


  • evangrove

    I know that on this post and previous Richard, you say you cannot hear it. I watched RAW again and it was audible and pretty funny too.

  • Hmm…watching it again, i can totally hear the fan.

  • Intellectually Saved

    Only Miscreants and ignoramuses would have the temerity to utter a man’s name who isn’t evn there, completely foolish. I on the other hand would have simply collected the microphone and proceed utter the words “Bestow Mr. Sandow with a championship opportunity…you’re welcome!”

    • Nick B

      You just made my night…. Thank you!

    • Guy Landau

      Well done good sir

  • bryan

    Why turn him heel when hes gaining momentum as a face? The fans who chant "Goldberg" are probably the same ones who chant "What?" during every single promo. Its extremely annoying.

    • [email protected]


  • Ken

    This supposedly inaudible comment from Ryberg on Raw is very much audible. I seriously can't understand why people are saying it wasn't. It's a couple of seconds after Goldback knocks the mic away, the mic lands, there's some scratching, then someone says Goldberg about twice before the mic is snatched away in the middle of the third. Some dudes seriously need to clean their ears out.
    (And this is without watching that vid, which isn't loading for some reason)

    • AceV

      Ryberg and Goldback…lmao

  • Sovikos

    Sounds like he chants “Goldberg” and doesn’t just say “Goldberg”