Video Of Chris Jericho's WWE Return In 2007; Compare To Last Night's Return

WWE uploaded Chris Jericho's coded 2007 return on their official YouTube channel. You can watch it embedded in the video below:

To compare, you can watch Jericho's return last night as well:

  • Carlo

    I'm glad he's back but his return with out a speech was poorly executed as you can tell with boos as he left. Seemed like he used the fans and left.

    • Trox

      That's because it was a parody of what faces do when they make returns. Clearly, he wanted to come back as a heel, but WWE knew the crowd would give him a positive reaction, so they had him drag out his return and basically make fun of what the "good guys" do. He manipulated the crowd so perfectly that he was able to become a bad guy again instantly instead of waiting for the cheers to die down over the next few months like Edge, Triple H, and others have had to in the past. It was the exact opposite of "poorly executed". Needless to say the smarks love it.

    • Chad

      You are one of the people that clearly missed the point of what happened. The entire point of the angle was to get the fans to boo Jericho. When he was first walking down the ramp high fiving people I knew something was up. He was just being way too over the top while playing to the crowd. Of course people were going to cheer him when he came back, this is WWEs way of making him heel as quickly as possible.

    • Naiad

      I wish I could post the "That's the joke" meme, but I'll just leave you by saying "that was the point."

    • Alex P

      The more I think about it, the more I feel like he did it purposely to draw a little bit of a heel reaction. I mean it's so difficult to come back as a heel, and maybe not giving what the fans wanted is a way of doing that.

    • craig

      I think that was the idea…..

  • christianrocker90

    How long before Cole either starts trashing Jericho or taking his side?

  • pjhoover2012

    Best Y2J segment eeeeeever! Total mock city!

    • Van

      Jericho is saying to the crowd "dance puppets!dance!"

  • Maze

    He did exactly what he was supposed to do, if a wrestler can work the crowds emotions like that he is awesome. Think about it had the fans in the palm of his hands, he had them up and down and when he left walked up the ramp the crowd went from cheering to booing. Jericho is the man.

  • Hitman310

    Wow what a waist of promos if thats how they decided to bring back jericho. I like that he is back but i think those promo videos were too big for him. How is Jericho the end of the world? and most important who is "she"?

    • Whammaster

      "Jericho" what is the meaning of that word? Think about it.

  • CrashHolly

    He said he was going to reclaim what was rightfully his. So I assume during or after punks match at the rumble Jericho is gunna do something

  • larry

    listen to the promos , he is here to ruin everything we love = cm punk, but first he must me called by her, which= wwe title, and the way to do that win the RR, and then we will find out why he has returned, watch the video on and listen to what he and she say, jericho is back and i think he is going to be evil and crazy, look at the outfit and the video's. i have a feeling he isnt going to talk for awhile.

  • David

    I think the way they brought him back was great! Jericho is one of only a few guys that could go from face to heel so quickly. It sort of sucks to wait this long for him to come back and having it end like it did but I totally see why they did that. I think it will be better for him long term since he obviously will be a heel now instead of a face.

  • Howard Stern

    Just wait you whiny babies, just like with everything else in the WWE, you'll find out in a couple weeks.

  • Razmos01

    The promos are not wasted, the whole point of the return cant be fit into the 10-15 minutes he had, it will all play out over the next coming weeks, rome wernt built in a day, there is an angle that will be played out and SHE will be revealed when the right moment comes, it will be good to see how this turns out, this and the kane storyline is keeping me gripped at the moment, feels abit like the attitude era days again!

  • brandon

    I think his return was pure genius. Watch it again. He played everyone like puppets, he even did a hulk Hogan deluxe.

  • Baz

    Hook line and sinker jericho has the fans in the palm of his hands. After watching this return a feel a heel turn is coming soon.

  • hurrigame

    Jericho showed how fake most "fans" in the PG Era are with his "return." Well played, sir. Well played. As for Cole siding with or trashing Y2J, does anyone really care anymore? I, for one, would rather mute the TV than hear one word come out of Michael Cole's mouth.

  • BigMike

    I think he used the pops and will rub the "Hypocites" face in it in the coming weeks and be full fledged heel pretty quick I think that is the whole reason for the silence and popping the crowd over and over again

  • Nick I.

    I actually was entertained by Cole at the end of jerichos return when he said … Well I don’t know what that was lol. But everytime I watch jerichos return in2007… Best return ever IMO … If not one of te best

  • rpisack

    BRILLIANT. If you don’t get what he just did then you really are brain dead.

  • Crane

    Jericho is an absolute joke. The WWE dont need him again (for one or two years), plz.
    I hope that Lesnar get’s back sometimes near. That will be an Impact. Jericho is nothing but a washed up heel.

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