Video Of Cody Rhodes' Bad Bump; What Will Have To Happen For Him To Work Survivor Series

Embedded in the video below is WWE's official injury update on Cody Rhodes:

We broke the story on Tuesday night as Cody was receiving medical attention at ringside. In our Wednesday update, we noted he suffered a shoulder injury, concussion or both which now appears to be the case.

Given the fact he suffered a concussion he'll have to pass an Impact Test before being cleared to work Survivor Series on Sunday.

  • Ray

    Ouch! I wounder what went wrong there? It’s a pretty basic move.

    • Guy Landau

      Overshot it, simple as that. You need to have the right balance between going forward to going up, and he went too much upwards, not enough forward. It also has to do with him pushing off of Kane too late.

      • Kevin

        That's what I was seeing as well. It was hard to tell in full speed whether it was Kane, Cody, or a combination; but in slow motion, you could see that Cody pushed off wrong and twisted in midair. This one's on Cody.

  • Miles

    He does not look very happy

  • sterling

    yikes thats a sick bump!

  • Frenchfry

    Looked like he tried to overexaggerate it and ended up not flipping over as far as he needed to

    • Guy Landau

      That's exactly it.

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  • Paul uk

    That looked like it was his own fault to be honest

  • BigMike

    it is a shame and bad bumps can happen to anyone even someone like Cody who grew up basically in a ring, this shows the true importance of learning to take proper bumps adn even one who knows how to take a bump accidents still happen like the people who got hurt from Barrett doing his wasteland slam maneuver and Kidman's Shooting Star Press there are risks and Cody is a 2nd gen and has had the best of schooling but bumps can go bad Speedy recovery Cody BTW while his current persona is good for tag team IMO he needs a better persona to go to the next level kind of like Kofi