Video Of Director Michael Bay's Comments Regarding The Rock

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As previously noted here on, director Michael Bay had some fun at The Rock's expense by jokingly saying the former WWE Champion needs to "grow up" and stop wrestling while on the red carpet at the premiere for "Pain and Gain" in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.  Rock had to miss the premiere due to emergency hernial surgery related to injuries suffered at Wrestlemania 29.

Video of Michael's comments were featured on Entertainment Tonight and can be seen at this link or embedded in the video below:

Some publications unfairly took the comments out of context, playing the comments like Bay made a snide comment about The Rock or pro wrestling in general.

Rock made reference to the comments on Twitter and Michael Bay issued a statement.

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  • Matt

    Having said people who overreacted to this are irresponsible you’re really going insane to prove it was just a joke. A video of Michael Bay saying that is hardly news. If people were that interested in it then they’d visit YouTube. Rocks tweet should have just been the end of it. This is like you’re over killing it to prove you’re right and people who got annoyed by the original post, where you didn’t even mention it had been said in jest, were just overreacting.