Video Of Jay Briscoe's Apology At ROH Show In Pennsylvania

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ROH Champion Jay Briscoe got himself in trouble this past week after Tweeting “… try and teach my kids that there’s nothing wrong with that [gay marriage] and I’ll f**ing shoot you.”

Following a formal apology by Ring of Honor, Briscoe apologized himself at Ring of Honor's show in Belle Vernon, PA on Saturday night. You can watch the apology at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • I respect peoples opinions but like he said hes the face of the 3rd most recognised wrestling company in the usa so hes got a example to set. But kudos to jay for apologising

  • _JIM_

    If Jay was just a normal guy, and not in the public eye as a World Champion for a company that has TV and sponsor deals to worry about then he could say whatever he wants, but that’s not the case in his situation. As much as I’m all for free speech and a person’s right to speak their mind, Jay has to be more careful because he has work responsibilities. Though The Dudley’s said far worse back in ECW pretty much on a nightly basis, but that was all done in character. Twitter needs a message preview screen where you get to see and read what you just typed then confirm you still really want to actually send it. lol

  • lbp365

    I agree until the third most they was at one point but like TNA bad writing as of late with already less exposure some fantasy wrestling get more than them now.

  • BIG M

    OK the guy seems sincere so i think we can all stop hating now.

    But is he seriously trying to say that it was a kayfabe tweet I thought ROH was supposed to be the “SMARKES” promotion you know be a little more Puroresu and Lucha Libre and a little less Sports Entertainment.