Video Of Jim Johnston Playing "ChaChaLaLa," Fandango's Theme

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WWE composer Jim Johnston is a popular man these days, especially given the fact Fandango's "ChaChaLaLa" charted in the United Kingdom. You can watch Johnston play the theme on the piano in a new video posted by WWE at this link.

You can also watch in the video embedded below:

  • And despite it’s success in the UK we can’t watch the video… ridiculous

  • Jim Johnston for WWE HOF 2014 class.

  • Holy crap I never even thought about that! He def should be! He composed thousands of theme songs that made the Superstars! I second this! Jimmy Johnston WWE HOF Class 2014!

  • Yep in the top 50 in the uk chart first time ever and how does wwe repay us? Post a video we cant even watch or listen to cheers for that

  • FilipBatista

    Jim Johnston is one of the best composers today. I mean, the guy is a legend. He composes all of that music by himself! He’s a freaking legend.. I mean, just hear Kurt Angle’s theme “Medal”, you’ll get what I’m saying 😀