Video Of John Cena's Birthday Bash, Charleston Raw Presale Password

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John Cena's Birthday Bash

Footage of John Cena's birthday celebration following Tuesday's WWE Raw live event in Nottingham, England has popped up here on YouTube. You can also watch embedded in the video below:

Charleston Presale Password

We had some readers asking for the pre-sale code to obtain tickets to the June 24th episode of WWE Raw in Charleston, South Carolina. The pre-sale began Wednesday morning at the password is CENA.

  • Mehartze

    What in the world is Daniel Bryan wearing…..

    • Dustyn

      Hilarious!!It looks like him, McGillicutty, adn R-Truth tucked their shirts in, pulled their pants up super high, and pulled the legs up. I’d love to get a picture of Bryan like that and get him to sign it!!

    • -|AZ|-

      What on earth was that?

      No!!! No!!! No!!!


  • Shy Guest

    Why did Mr. Cena throw the cake in her face? That looked disrespectful – it actually kinda scared me – such a powerful man doing that to a woman. I hope she is okay (especially emotionally), and I do hope he had a Happy Birthday.