Video Of Lex Luger On Hardcore Pawn

As noted earlier, Lex Luger was featured on truTV's "Hardcore Pawn" on Tuesday night. You can watch the appearance in the video below:


  • andrew owsiak

    thats the outfit that is super rare wcw galoob UK figure was dressed in, awesome stuff right there

  • astraldragon67

    at least he got a better deal then he would have gotten from the Pawn Stars in Las Vegas the so called Las Vegas Legends (cough , cough ) would have ripped him off.

    • Ricky

      I think with a charity like this, I think The Pawn stars would have given the same deal and maybe even try to match it.

  • _JIM_

    "Les the world champion" What's that about? Watch the video and you can see his name is LEX on the back of the robe. That is some quality memorabilia, but I think he could get more money out of the stuff if they held an online auction.

    • dave c

      the owner of the shop's name is les, it was a play on words

  • The only reason anyone should ever sell to a pawn shop is if you need money RIGHT NOW. Otherwise, sell it on your own. All pawn shops will rip you off..

    • Kevin

      I've worked in a pawn shop before. Pawn shops aren't out to rip people off; they have to consider the fact that they have to sell it to make money. They never know how quickly they will be able to sell something. Once they buy an item, they have to hold on to it for 30 days or more to allow the police department to clear it as not being stolen. After that, they can sell it, but it could take some time before it sells. All that time, they have money tied up in it that they can't use. So they can't offer as much as you'd get if you sold it yourself on ebay or other auction sites.

  • good guy lex luger.
    it is really nice of him to sell this in ring gear

  • Kevin

    I'm curious to know what happened to Lex. He looks old and worn out.

  • Taylot

    Lex Luger looked very frail