Video Of Shane Douglas Getting Tossed From Monday's WWE Raw Supershow

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Embedded in the video below is footage of Shane Douglas being tossed from Monday's Raw Supershow. Please be advised the video contains explicit language so if you're at work or anywhere public you'll want to turn the volume down or send audio it to your headphones:

Richard Reacts: I mean absolutely no disrespect but if Shane thinks this does anything other than make him look bad, he's crazy.

  • Shayne

    LOL I thought that was him, I saw someone that looks like him take off his white jacket and throw it towards the ring, didn't make it, it ended up in the first row

  • Mike

    I thought he was dead…

  • 10secondGTR

    We need people like this guy in wwe

  • 10secondGTR

    And Richards, if this makes him look bad, then it makes zack Ryder look even one says anything when he’s “flailing” around like an idiot with bull horns and stupid “we want Ryder” chants

    • Matt Scott

      How in the Hell does that work? When did Zack Ryder go into a shower, call it "occupy movement", accuse Vince and Dixie or "fucking" the company up (sorry for the language). You are aware Ryder does what he does IN CHARACTER. You aren't a very long term fan are you? Do you even know who Shane Douglas is!?

  • 10secondGTR

    Shane Douglas is like an attitude era main eventer in this clip

  • Rob

    Shane Douglas has never meant anything to wrestling.

    • outkazt09

      Troll harder son

  • 10secondGTR

    And when cm punk disrespected the company, he became a fan favorite..this is entertainment

  • Matt Scott

    Why was he removed? Was he just being an asshole?

  • Dave L

    Shane is getting talked about and he is spearheading the Extreme Reunion on April 28th, any promotion is GREAT promotion.

  • Philip Thompson

    He's attention seeking – and he maybe suspects WWE are going to end PG so he wants to give them a gimmick which would faciliate it – but I doubt he'll be successful.

  • Shane got fat!

  • Miles

    He speaks the truth, sounded like the security guard was looking for a fight

  • WNW Fan

    I understand how he feels but he was totally unprofessional with his actions. Its a free country…if you don't like a product don't watch it. If he wants to be involved with his own or another promotion so be it. Just don't handle it the way he did. You should never burn your bridges professionally in my opinion. Nowadays you never know who you'll be working for tomorrow…in wrestling or just about anything these days.

  • Dave Barton

    If only this were part of a legit organization looking to reboot pro wrestling.

  • Fifth Horseman

    Last I heard he was working at a Wal-Mart – that is not intended to be a joke. I seem to remember a photo of him at work showing up on the net and Flair also made reference to it in a shoot interview.

  • Levi Aldebol

    The bottom line here is Shane Douglas is no longer relevant in pro wrestling, so he has to pull stunts like this to get attention. Yes, he used to be a big star in ECW. But he proved to be so unprofessional, no one wants to work with him anymore. When the old ECW wrestlers did that show at TNA, Douglas was nowhere to be found. He can't even get work at the NWA because of the time he won their title, tossed the belt aside, picked up his East Coast Wrestling belt, and called it Extreme. No one in the business who matter want s to work with him; that's why he had been working at Wal-Mart.

  • John

    Omg it’s Shane Douglas! WTF thought he was dead LOL!

    • Ricky Valdez


  • David

    Minus the early days of ECW and the NWA Championship incident. Douglas is really nothing that special. Especially in 2012 there is no way he could be a solid asset to the business.

  • Hamon

    The man claims to be ecw (extreme) but as soon as wcw called him he was there. same as sandman, bam bam and various others they didn’t give a shit about ecw as soon as they all got better offers they where gone! Shane Douglas is a bitter old fool ric flair has a better body then him and he’s 20 years older!

  • John Strunbul

    Come on Shane just get over it. TNA-ECW reunion still doesn't teaches you anything? Just let ECW rest in peace and don't tarnish it's legacy even more. Please.