Video Of The Brazilian Flag Incident With Chris Jericho

TMZ has obtained video footage from what can now be termed as the Brazilian flag incident with Chris Jericho. You can watch their video embedded below:

  • Franck

    would be bether if you can see the whole part where he address the public with dirty talk and all, then you could see that he was only playing his heel character.

  • Jas

    He made a terrible mistake and he owned it like a man. WWE obviously has to do what they did, and they can't be blamed for making such a difficult decision. But, in the end, it's good attention for WWE… and ultimately, I think Chris Jericho will come out of this positively, because it's clear he's 100% sincere in his apologies.

  • Lars Nimmegeers

    Punk did that with the Belgium flag 2 years ago and I think everyone knows it is a act? Or am I missing something here?

  • Doug

    Much ado about nothing. Not like the old days.


    I understand the argument but this is just political correctness at its best. Was it a mistake? I guess considering nowadays maybe so…but again they do know it's acting don't they?

  • lloyd Clarke

    fozzy gigs anyone???

  • mel

    they did that so he can do his tour *rolls eyes* really…they couldn't do anything beter than that?