Video Of The New Gimmick Of Johnny Curtis, How Linda McMahon Is Doing In The Polls, Carlito Update, New Mick Foley Interview

- Wrestling News World reader Dustyn sent this link which goes to video footage of Johnny Curtis' new gimmick before the dark match he worked at this week's Smackdown taping.

- After spending a total of $92.6 million how is Linda McMahon doing in her race for United States Senate? Wrestling News World reader Kris Hardy sent us the following poll analysis:

  • 47% Murphy, 41% McMahon (Gotham Research Group).
  • 46% Murphy, 40% McMahon (Hamilton [D-DSCC])
  • 49% Murphy, 43% McMahon (Quinnipiac)
  • 48% Murphy, 47% McMahon (Rasmussen)
  • 47% Murphy, 43% McMahon (SurveyUSA/WABC-TV)

Click here for more information.

- WNW reader Corey sent this in… Former WWE Superstar Carlito said on Twitter "I dont hate wwe. Id love to go back, but Id rather STAND in the unemployment line then SIT on the bench. #itsaboricuathing "

- WNW reader Adam sent in a new Mick Foley interview at this link and this link.

  • Wwe4L76

    I miss Carlito

  • Ken

    The obvious thing is to bring Carlito back to team with Primo and Epico for a while.
    They seem to be bringing more relevance to the tag division at the moment. Carlito, Primo, and Epico could have a Freebirds/Demolition thing going on, any two of the three competing in any given match.

  • Tony P.

    Linda should just hang it up. She never going to be a Senator.

  • mjledesma

    1. @ johnny Curtis gimmick. Lol what is that?

    2. Linda is spending trying to buy votes but obviously isn’t working. Let’s see when if she does give up what happens. She is a McMahon though and they don’t give up.

    3. Carlito would be a great addition. Imagine carlito and dolph or kofi?

  • ArmBar

    At least vince’s ego and actions are entertaing for all o us. Regarding Linda – who cares about her elections, anyone? She only doing it to fuel her selfish vanity and thinks she can buy credibility. Really if £93M can’t buy you enough friends them you’ve for serious problems. Vince should say ‘Linda, you’re fired !!!!!!

  • Moose666

    So is JC trying to do some Chip n Dale / Golddust / Richard Simmons thing there??