Video Preview Of This Week's Impact, Sting Says Dixie Drove Off 'Jeff'

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- A preview for this week's episode of Impact Wrestling is now online at this link. You can also watch embedded in the video below:

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- Sting got the attention of almost everyone with the following Tweet:

While Sting is likely referencing Jeff Hardy to keep up with storylines, this has another meaning given Jeff Jarrett's departure from TNA Wrestling.

  • Justin Simpson

    Jeff Hardy is “run off” because he can’t leave the country when they do their overseas tour. (I imagine that you already knew that)

    • Mysterion

      Oh my god really!? No way!!!! Who knew a convicted drug addict couldn’t travel??

  • _JIM_

    I’m surprised Sting wasn’t more specific given recent events, but maybe that was his point. It has to suck for Jeff Jarrett. Being muscled out of your own company by some lady just because of money has to be a bitter pill to swallow. But business is business I guess. Though that would have really have upset me in a big way if it was me. It’s too bad Jeff couldn’t find the funding he needed to regain control of TNA. A wrestling company needs a person who knows wrestling to be in charge. Not some suppossed business person spending her parents money.