Video - Roderick Strong Injured Taking Styles Clash

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Roderick Strong was injured in his match against AJ Styles at Saturday night's Ring of Honor television tapings in Nashville, Tennessee. The match was the final bout of the night, taped on episode four of four.

The injury occurred when Strong's head went one way and his neck went the other while taking the Styles Clash. While the spot looked horrible, Strong was not seriously injured. He's scheduled for further evaluation later this week but was active on Twitter early Sunday morning.

You can watch the spot courtesy of an Instagram video below:

  • Charlie

    aaaannnnd he’s dead

  • SMMN

    Why Would he put his head forward like that?! Has he never seen a Styles Clash??

    • Harlie Boucher

      That’s what I was thinking, instead of putting his head back, like he’s suppose to, he put is head forward. It’s is own damn fault.

    • jdl

      So, it’s his fault if Styles did not properly inform him of how the move works? It’s not entirely Styles’ fault, but it’s certainly not just Strong’s.

      • Frederick

        Strong has taken the clash multiple times in the past, he knows how it works. For some reason he tucked his head in this time which resulted in the injury.

  • Razmos

    The guy is a pro wrestler he should know how moves work without Styles having to tell him, the other guy goes to bump as of hes about to recieve an inverted sit down powerbomb.

    • dev

      we understand that u know about wrestling. calm down bro

  • BigMike

    Strong and Styles have known each other for more than 10 years and have faced each other multiple times; Strong has taken the STyles CLash more than once so he knows what to do … whenever a bump is to be performed it isnot only up to the person doing it to pull it off, but the person TAKING the bump to have themselves in proper position