Video - WWE Stars Encourage Students To Take A Stand Against Bullying

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- The following is from the official WWE YouTube channel:

WWE Superstars encourage students to take a stand against bullying

  • Victor

    David Otunga bullies people all the time

  • hurrigame


  • Ken

    Is it just me, or is this anti-bullying thing getting REALLY old now? Seems to be everywhere… promos left right and centre, Sheamus bringing it up, and so on. I'm sorry, but I watch wrestling to watch wrestling, not participate in social awareness programmes. Stick to wrestling Vinve, please, and leave this crap to someone else. You may be God of the WWE Universe, but you're not God of the world, no matter what you want to think.

    • Matt Scott

      And another one from the desk of Ken; Kids, its ok to smoke!

  • Kris Hardy

    The difference between bullying in real life and in storyline is that in the storyline it's… fake. In real life it's not fake and it's real bullying. I get that people want to compare the two to bullying but it's not. Storylines is not real and real life is. And many of you can rebuttal that by saying "Vince bullies JR all the time." That is true, but there is still a difference. The WWE is a job. If you don't like being there, tell the "manager" that you are being bullied and see if they can do anything. If they can't, well you can either work there or leave. You have the choice. Kids who get bullied in school don't. They either have to stay in school or stay in school. Are the WWE superstars advocating for bullying by the story lines? No. It's entertainment. It's not real life still. That's all I can think of at this moment but there is no hypocrisy when it comes to the anti-bullying campaign and the fake story lines WWE creative team creates.

  • Wwe4L76

    Bullying in Wwe is awsome. We need more

    • Matt Scott

      Someone should smack you about for a bit… Try and fix that problem you appear to have.

  • Kleck

    I have no problem with the WWE doing these social awareness programs. The WWE is in a constant PR battle over its lifetime (Owen Hart, Chris Benoit, Scott Hall, VKM). The best way for them to continue to operate as they please is to go to the public domain raise awareness whether they believe in the message or not.