Video: WWE Superstars Celebrate John Cena's 35th Birthday After Raw SuperShow, The Great Khali Sings

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After last night's Raw SuperShow in Detroit, Michigan, the WWE locker room celebrated John Cena's 35th birthday in front of the live crowd. The stage was filled with WWE Superstars and personnel, from Vince McMahon to the recently debuted Antonio Cesaro & Damien Sandow. The official WWE YouTube channel uploaded the following videos of the event, embedded below:

CM Punk & Triple H Lead "Happy Birthday" To John Cena

The Great Khali Sings "Happy Birthday" Solo

  • WNW Fan

    Matt Bloom was actually laughing and clapping. Sometimes we as fans forget that we are all human beings in the end and wrestling is an entertainment business. Aside from politics backstage, it really seems like that the WWE workers are truly a family. Whomever you cheer, boo, love, or completely despise in wrestling, we should never forget in the end whats important…people matter. I know I sound corny but love someone or hate them know the difference between the character and the person. You might be surprised of the difference.

    • Nite

      Khali nailed it!!, got a good laugh from that video.
      i seen Mark Henry stayed in character with a scowl on his face and his arms crossed, couldnt really tell if anyone else stayed in character, most looked like they werent, like Ziggler and Bloom laughing and having a great time.

      • Jennie Smith

        Awesome, Happy Birthday John Cena

  • Laterial

    Khalil’s birthday song>>>>>>>>

  • Frenchfry

    hah thats great, also good to see vince out there!

  • Luke

    Happy birthday John for yesterday and happy birthday for me for today.

  • Joe

    Holy crap cenas 35 I thought he was 31 damn he’s getting old but still doing it

    • I think the Nexus thing gets old quick because their nodiboes. Besides Otunga, Gabbriel, and Slater they won nothing. And on Gabbirel´╗┐ and Slater first defense they lost

  • skeeber04

    I liked when Kali singed happy birth-day to Cena.Also I was glad to see Mr.McMahon out there again.

  • gpturbo81

    vince is shrinking

  • ZeroCharisma

    I would have liked to seen Brock out there singing a solo.

    • Jennie Smith


  • rease willis

    happy birthday john cena