View A Photo Of Brock Lesnar's New WWE Ring Gear Here; Details On WWE Letting Him Keep His Endorsement Deals

Earlier last week WWE leaked an image of Brock Lesnar's ring attire on dot com but later removed the image. I finally found the image again and have included a photo you can view below:

As you can see, not only will Lesnar be sporting MMA attire, his shorts will also carry the images of his sponsors.  WWE is allowing Lesnar to keep endorsement deals he had obtained while working in UFC.  As I mentioned in Ask WNW last week, Lesnar's WWE contract is unlike anything we've ever seen before.

  • Matt

    I think it's great exposure for WWE, Brock and the sponsors because now the millions and millions a week will see the sponsors. Smart business for McMahon and possibly gonna start a trend when he sees the dollars those sponsors shell out

    • Wwe4L76


    • Booo

      I loved Brocks return but hated that he came back as a John Laurenitis brown noser.

    • Tomas

      So in the future we're gonna see every last inch of wrestler's ring attire completely covered with weird sponsors?

  • snuggle

    Lesnar looks like he’s in better shape then most of us thought.

  • Hoops

    Why wouldnt he be in shape? He was save for THE months when he had diverticulitis, was trainibg and fighting in UFC

    • Hoops

      Ring rust is another story, but he strikes me as someone who has always been in shape

      • Moose666

        Strikes… Pun intended?

  • Ralphus

    Not liking the boots with the shorts! Maybe some shorter boots.

    • havoc525

      Same thing I thought. Instead of just using his old boots, he should go with “wrestling shoes” with that look.

  • blake

    i would love to buy a jimmy john’s sandwich anytime now that brock’s got some sponsors on his gear

  • Nails

    I like it, I just really hope Vince doesn't have a "ah ha" moment and starts getting sponsors for the other superstars' ring gear. It would be silly to see everyone with Best Buy, Home Depot, and Burger King,etc, etc logos all over their attire!

    • sdd619

      It would be a smart Business move if he did & whats to say WWE hasn't already capitalized in those deals & said "We will allow Brock to have the sponsors on his gear if they promote WWE with their products". Free advertisement on both ends.

    • MonsterMike42

      It would be WWE mixed with NASCAR. A redneck's dream.

  • Omg I bet Brock well defeat jhon

  • unknown

    those just look like his trunks from his UFC run

    • Moose666


    • havoc525

      Really? You don’t say…

  • Jim

    This is a way better deal for Brock’s sponsors than it is for anyone IMO. They just went from being seen on his trunks once or twice a year to being seen nearly every Monday night on a well known and well watched show and network. That’s called exposure and is something that these companies are now getting a whole heck of a lot more of than they ever did during Brock’s stint with UFC.

  • Lorna Adair

    Short far too long boy he’s still bloody sexy.

  • WyFo

    Eh, wrestling trunks would look better with boots.

  • Chris

    Where did my comments go?

  • Kevin

    And if McMahon lets all his stars sign endorsement deals, and wear their sponsors to the ring, he can start paying his stars less money, since they'll be making money on the endorsement deals. What a coup for McMahon.

  • Eddie

    the gloves are fine but imo those boots dnt look too good with his ufc shorts….. he looked real good in his old wrestling attire….

  • Eddie

    his last wwe run, he was much bigger than rock, and was bigger than cena too…….

    now that he has sized down a bit… it would be interesting to see how wwe goes about it, since both rock and cena are definitely bigger than him now!