View Kelly Kelly's Maxim Shoot, CM Punk Pizza Reviewed, Mark Henry Turning Babyface?

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- For those that haven't seen Kelly Kelly's photo shoot in the December 2011 issue of Maxim, you can view the photos at this link. (Thanks to WNW reader Dave L for sending this in.)

- has a review of the CM Punk-inspired "Go to Sleep" pizza at Ian's Pizza in Wrigleyville. Click here to read it. (Thanks to WNW reader Patrick Peralta for sending this in.)

- File this in the "hot rumor" drawer, but there are rumors beginning to surface about possibly turning Mark Henry babyface. I do not have any more information than that and it should be noted that creative directions change all the time.

  • Jesse N

    Turning Henry face would be a total disaster. His heel run has been very good and I'd like to see it run through WrestleMania and then he will retire.

    • Van

      I they treated him like a joke as a face that's easy for some heels like Wade Barrett to beat while they treat him like an unstoppable force as a heel.some wrestlers are better off as heels and Mark Henry is one of them

  • callum

    maybe there thinking about bringing Kane back as a heel which could mean turning Henry face to stop a masked Kane rampage

  • Big ash

    Henry should continue his current guise upto WM, with Kane and/or Taker ending it there and taking the title.

    Although I think Kane will come back as heel and feud up till mania with taker and move to streak up again!

  • Patrick_Peralta

    That is not good, While I'm not a fan of Mark henry I admit his heel turn is a lot better and best thing going for his career right nowe chaing him babyface is the wrong thing to do.
    AS for a Kane heel turn I'm all for it. but I don't want WWE do another Undertaker VS Kane Wrestlemania feud that's been over done. Don't need a 3rd Wrestlemania match between them.

    • Rick Craig

      At least it would make more sense if they did decide to turn Daniel Bryan heel.

  • Alex

    Why would they even throw around the thought of turning Henry babyface?! This heel run as been great for him…no need to fix something that isn't broken.

  • JRS

    Here is a better question than should you turn him babyface. HOW would you turn him face. He has been portrayed as a monster heel for months now. Sudden turns very rarely happen from Heel to Face. Face to Heel is much easier.

  • Professor Rick Craig

    It certainly would make sense if they do have the intention of turning Daniel Bryan heel.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      Turning Bryan would be good for him. ( long as Cole doesn't suddenly like him then he would be a hypocritc )

      Bryan was good as a heel in ROH and I have no doubt he would do well in WWE as a heel.

  • spike westphal

    henry is a bad face im injoying his worlds strongest distruction gimmick do change

  • darren

    I think Kelly Kelly is the best face (and body) in wrestling

  • armando

    I think Bryan turning heel would be best also,as for M Henry,being heel right now is boosting his career just like the Miz who may never turn baby face.

  • JAE

    What about Punk's pizza??