View The Official WrestleMania 29 Logo Here

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The official logo for WrestleMania 29 at MetLife Stadium has been released by WWE, and is posted below:

  • Kleck

    Good artwork as usual

    • vivalajady

      yeah but no numbers

      • Andy

        Yh its weird. I heard on WWE once that NJ wants to be NY viseverser.

        Great logo no number its kind of spoils it really by WM 29 they probably change on put XXIX under the WM logo

    • outkazt09

      WWE has good art talent.

  • monty

    i hope it comes to new orleans soon, since we have had many superbowls and other big events like jazz fest and mardi gras we would be perfect for wrestlemania

  • drhaase

    get that NY garbage outta there…this WrestleMania is in NEW JERSEY!!!!!

  • Logan_Walker

    maybe the the numbers go where the NY NJ is

  • ziggyZ

    WTF, how we future kids gonna tell wat WM this is?

    Butnevertheless good job Vincy Boy.

  • Dave

    Good art talent? well WM28's logo sucked, WM27 was much better, and this is much better as well.

  • Angel

    so this is the logo everyone will be pointing at after next years royal rumble, and what taker and hhh will look at when they wanna do taker vs hhh IV

  • James

    The problem I have with this is that WM30 might not be at MSG (since they are making WM29 look like its in NY with the NJ name thrown in it because it actually in NJ) which sucks because it kinda felt like a tradition.

  • josh

    looks like a huge penis to me